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Sunday Morning Coming Down: I Think Wisconsin Just Scored Again

Wisconsin goes west, Nebraska goes south, literally and figuratively, and the B1G seems to be expanding everywhere. Maybe.

The card said go for 70, bro.  //Pops collar
The card said go for 70, bro. //Pops collar
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Wow. That's really all I can say about the B1G Championship game. There were a lot of empty seats, and the game was over by halftime. Nebraska had no answer for Wisconsin's running game, as two Badger backs had over 200 yards, and there were three 100 yard rushers.

Wisconsin ran the ball 50 times...and averaged...AVERAGED...over 10 yards a carry. It was as complete a domination of a football team as I have seen in a very long time. In Columbus, Nebraska coughed up 63, but it didn't really get out of hand until midway through the third quarter.

As a friend and former writer of this site Ricardo Efendi said on Twitter, Nebraska got Dresden'd, in reference to the German city that was firebombed in WW II.

In his post game press conference, Bo Pelini said that they didn't see anything in that game that they weren't prepared for, and there were very few wrinkles or surprises that Wisconsin threw at them. If I was a Nebraska fan, that statement would terrify me.

I'm neither a fan nor hater of Nebraska, but when your team plays that poorly, then your coach said they didn't throw anything unusual at them, do changes need to be made? I'm not saying this to stir the pot, because Pelini has brought Nebraska back to a championship-contending status, but there is a game like this Nebraska goes through seemingly every year. And after last night, man, I honestly don't know what I'd feel if I was a fan of the Cornhuskers this morning.

For Wisconsin, congratulations are in order, and where has this offense been all season? This is what a lot of us were expecting back at the beginning of the season, and not at the end, but better late than never. If Bucky plays like that against Stanford, they'll win and it won't even be close. They were opening holes and sealing off the edge to the point that I think I could've ran for 125 yards and a couple of scores.

And third place team or not, three consecutive Rose Bowls is a hell of an achievement. Congratulations, and enjoy Pasadena. Kick the hell out of the Cardinal.

In other news, Stewart Mandel posted his final bowl projections. For the Big Ten, he projects:

Rose: Wisconsin vs. Stanford

Meineke Texas: Minnesota vs. Baylor

Buffalo Wild Wings: TCU vs. MSU

Heart of Dallas: Purdue vs. Iowa State

Capital One: Texas A and M vs. Northwestern

Outback: Nebraska vs. LSU

Gator: Michigan vs. South Carolina

Not a lot of favorable match-ups. Fasten your seat belts, because bowl season could be a rough ride.

Finally, realignment. Depending on who you believe, either Georgia Tech is joining the B1G as early as tomorrow, or they won't ever join the B1G.

I am a firm believer that Jim Delany isn't finished with his plan for global TV domination, but when the president of Georgia Tech says they're staying in the ACC, that seems pretty firm. At least for now. Other teams mentioned for B1G membership have been North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Virginia, so your guess is as good as mine. What the B1G will look like when the dust settles will be interesting, and different. I'm still not sure how I feel about all of it.

All it takes is one team to make the jump, either to the B1G, the SEC, or the Big 12, and the ACC and Big East will cease to exist. And I think that jump is coming sooner, rather than later. We'll see what happens.