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The B1G Goes Bowling Open Thread Of Diminished Expectations

The Big Ten kicks off bowl season today with little to no expectation of success. Join us as we watch car wreck after car wreck or swell with pride because we over achieve.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

So how's everybody doing on their Vowl pick 'em pools? Id be doing better if it wasn't for UCLA. Thanks, Jim Mora, Jr for making me believe that UCLA could beat Baylor. And oh, my Duke. You really Belk'ed it up bad last night, didn't you? I wonder if David Cutcliffe didn't call Tennessee last night and say 'hey, you know something, I'll reconsider.'

But now, our conference gets their turn at a chance for Meineke Car Car glory, WOOOOOOOOO! I'm also going to be watching soon to be member Rutgers as they take on Virginia Tech in the Russell Athletic Bowl. If they win, it counts as a B1G win, right? In my world it does. And if they lose, well, the Big East still sucks, AMIRITE?

Things get kicked off in a little under half an hour with some more #MACtion, though, as Ohio (not Ohio State, Brady Hoke and Wal Mart Wolverine fans, the actual Ohio University) takes on Louisiana-Monroe in the Advocare V100 Independence Bowl.

All the games can be seen on ESPN. Or, when the Independence Bowl and the Russell Athletic Bowl run over, you can catch the beginning of the other game on ESPN News (really, we need a big time competitor to ESPN like yesterday).

So join us for some Friday bowl action. Rules remain the same: No porn, no illegal Internet streams to the games, and don't be a toolbox. Let's go Gophers and...

//looks up Rutgers nickname on Internet//

...Scarlet Knights! WOO!!!! BEE-ONE-GEE, BEE-ONE-GEE, BEE-ONE-GEE