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OTE Bowl Mania: Gotta Pick'em All!

Pick all the bowl games with confidence points, for OTE bragging rights, and maybe a BlogBuck or two!

[ed note: bumped for one last evening! get your picks in before the first game tomorrow night! -cory]

It's that time of year again: join the official Off Tackle Empire Bowl Mania competition on ESPN! Create a username, if you haven't already, and pick the winners of every bowl game, assigning confidence points to each game. We'll give weekly* updates of the standings and keep you all abreast of the leaders. Extra points** might even be given out to those who pick the B1G winners correctly with the most confidence!

Here's how to play:

1. Create an ESPN username

2. Under BowlMania, search the group "Off Tackle Empire". The search page can be found here.

3. Password: sherman (could it be anything else? All lowercase, folks.)

Some additional "rules":

1. Two entries max per username (not that it matters).

2. Entries will lock once the first game's begun. If you have 7 entries, say, on all of ESPN, you can't move the best ones into this meaningless competition to "win". Take that.

3. To make it easy, please use your OTE (and SBNation) handle as the title for your picks.

*As I feel like it
**That mean nothing