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Army-Navy Open Thread

The one game where college football is still a celebration of amateur athletics

Hunter Martin

Army-Navy. Of all the tradition laden games in college football, I am hard pressed to find one with more sentimental meaning to more people than this one. Sure, there might be more celebrated rivalries, and more that have conference or national title implications, but for those of us that still love the ideals of what college athletics are supposed to be, this game is at the pinnacle.

And it also marks the end of the college football regular season.

Navy is 7-4 and bowl bound, while Army is struggling at 2-9. The Midshipmen are prohibitive favorites, and in recent years, this really hasn't been a competitive rivalry. Navy has won 10 straight, and 12 of 13.

But still, it's a celebration of all that is good with college athletics, and all that is great about this wonderful country.

It's also a sober reminder that these young men will never play professional football, and once they graduate they will move on to the profession of arms, either on land, in the air, or at sea. A hearty thank you to all of them.

So enjoy the Army-Navy game right here.

And from this former Army Chinook pilot--Go Army, beat Navy.