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Glenn Sharpe Charged With First Degree Murder...And He Still Committed Pass Interference. Or Holding. Whatever.

Former college and NFL standout Glenn Sharpe has been charged with murder in the fatal shooting of a man in a suburban Atlanta nightclub.

Why do we mention it here? Because in the 2003, Glenn Sharpe was a defensive back for the Miami Hurricanes, and they were playing Ohio State in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl National Championship, and Sharpe was the player that was flagged by back judge Terry Porter on the infamous pass intereference call in OT.

Sharpe mugged Ohio State's Chris Gamble, but Porter waited about 11 minutes to throw the flag on the fourth down play. The penalty gave OSU new life, they scored, and eventually won the national championship. Skip Bayless howls to this day that Porter missed the call, and rumor has it every time Bayless whines, and angel gets their wings.

For many, that call became the iconic play in what many people believe was the greatest college football game ever played. An ardent OSU fan would argue that the game would've never gotten to OT in the first place if the refs had correctly called Chris Gamble in bounds on a critical third down pass with approximately two minutes left in the game. Had they called that a catch (and replay looked like it was), OSU would've had a first down, and it was game over. But OSU had to punt, Miami got a HUGE punt return from Roscoe Parrish, and kicked the game tying FG as time expired to send the game into the first overtime.

For me, the iconic play was Maurice Clarett stripping Sean Taylor of the ball after Taylor intercepted a Craig Krenzel pass in the end zone. Clarett got the ball back, and what could've been a ginormous turnover ended up getting OSU a FG.

Oh, and it is still the B1G's only national championship in the BCS era. You're welcome, heh heh.