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B1G Tournament Title Game Open Thread - OSU v. MSU

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So here we are, with a #1 seed on the line and the two best teams in the *Midwest playing once again in a proverbial rubber match. There was some discussion yesterday on the WWL that it doesn't really matter, one seed, two seed, they're basically the same. I tend to disagree, even though the winning percentages are pretty similar at every level of the NCAA Tourney. It's the mentality of it all - You're a #1 seed, you don't lose in the first round ever, you're the favorite, etc.

Either way, these teams are evenly matched. Michigan may have been the #2 seed, but they match up horribly with Ohio State because of the size and athleticism differences. Not so with the Spartans - Oh you've got a 265 lb. center? Well so do we. And just because he runs funny doesn't mean he can't defend and attack offensively. Love you D-Nix!

So leave your thoughts, prayers, ideas, and OH MY GOD the brackets are almost out! Selection Sunday!

*Someone told me the state of Michigan isn't in the Midwest, but, I love the term "Midwest" so much that I refuse to let go of it now...