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Does The B1G Need A Nat'l Title To Prove Its Conference Dominance?

Well, s***. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE
Well, s***. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

After watching a Spartan team disappear last night against the packed in Louisville defense, a Spartan team that had what I consider the easiest road to the Final Four, it appears that B1G supporters will pin their hopes now on a dangerous OSU team and/or a huge Indiana upset. Watching the #1 seeded Spartans fall also reminded me that it's been almost ten years since a B1G team won a national title in the two college majors: men's basketball and football.

So the question exists - How badly does the B1G actually need a national title in football or basketball?

A simple analysis hints at the thought that the B1G doesn't need a national title. Watch -


Financial stability

Stability to avoid the perils of expansion

Successful TV network

Millions of dedicated fans

Packed stadiums, in both sports

Solid executive leadership

Tremendous academic programs

Ted Glover



A national title in the two major college sports in almost ten years


Pretty straightforward, right? Who really cares if a B1G squad can't finish the deal; the brand has never been stronger.

So I guess a better question is - What reader can make an argument that some Big Ten team needs to win the big one? Who is willing to admit that not winning an MNC is symptomatic of the SEC pulling away from the B1G in football? Can someone claim our basketball conference, while probably the deepest in the nation, simply doesn't possess a program that combines enough talent and coaching to survive the NCAA Tournament?