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B1G 2012 // Keeping the Enemy Close: OSU or Psycho U?


Do I really have to explain what is wrong with this picture?

MSU and OSU aren't traditional rivals. There really isn't a storied history between the schools. MSU has played OSU the least amount of times of any of the schools that were members of the B1G when we joined up for sports in 1953. A mere forty gridiron meetings have occurred between these schools since they both began fielding teams in the late 1880's. MSU and OSU have shared a B1G title in football exactly once never. The series isn't close (27-13 in favor of OSU) and often the games aren't particularly close either. The most you can say about this rivalry is the fact that twice an unranked MSU team beat a #1 ranked OSU team in the ninth game of the season. Once OSU cost MSU a chance to go to the Rose Bowl. OSU suggested we cheated when it happened in 1974 (our secondary violation involved a coach who bought textbooks for a player). We all know what OSU did in 2010.No need to rehash that again.

Still, anyone can hate the OSU athletic program for their entitled, delusional,self righteous, and borderline insane fanbase.

Now wait you say as you look at this picture, "A large part of their fanbase is just a bunch of middle aged Midwestern guys who like to dress up in red and hang around events frequented by teenagers and young men. They're just having fun."


You know who else like to do that? This guy:


Now I'm not suggesting we should start checking Buckeye fans basements, but...

I could easily write a 3,000 word post on the myriad reasons why one could and should hate OSU but for the sake of Occam, instead I'll give you a choice in the vein of "you're either for us or against us".

If you like middle aged, antisocial clowns then OSU is the school for you but if you're against the rape and murder of young men then you have no choice but to hate OSU.*

*Easy, armchair philosopher. I know I gave you a false choice. Lighten up.