Bret Bielema's Card Says "Delay the Potluck When College Football Announces a Playoff"


Wisconsin Potluck will be late.....much like Wisconsin students are to games at Camp Randall. (Oooooh, burn!) But this just gives us more of a chance to discuss the recently announced playoffs in college football. Read the excellent Bill Connelly article linked in the title to this post, and then answer the following question: Has a 4-team playoff solved anything? My answer: It has, to the extent that a playoff was intended to eliminate the possibility going forward that an undefeated team might miss out on a chance at a title shot (see: TCU in 2010, Boise State in 2006, Auburn in 2004), while preserving the best regular season in all of sports. And that's a very noble, proud accomplishment. It's always been stupid that a team could go undefeated and miss a chance at a title. But make no mistake, as the Connelly article shows, this 4 team playoff may create MORE controversy for college football, as more teams will have legitimate gripes that they "deserved" to be team #4 in a playoff. Again, not a bad thing -- I happen to think what makes college football special is the debates over which team/conference is best. But controversy will continue to rule....and that will lead to the false premise that increasing the playoff field to 8 or 16 teams will fix things....which will lead to more controversy....and will destroy the importance of the regular season (because, hey -- in a 16 team playoff field, 3-loss teams will make the playoffs!) Those crowing about this "fixing" college football (at least in terms of determining a champion) may want to look more carefully at the evidence.