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Big Ten at Ten 7.13.2012: Hey Guys, Did Anything Happen Yesterday?

Will it stay or will it go?
Will it stay or will it go?

The Big 10 at 10 is Off Tackle Empire's daily dose of B1G news delivered to you at approximately 10:00AM CT. But it's not just a linkdump. Each author will also provide a brief editorial on a "hot topic" for the day. Want to see more news from a blog or website that isn't listed? Hit the comments.

Reactions poured out following the release of the Freeh Report yesterday and will likely continue throughout the weekend. In response to the Report radio hosts spewed vitorol, "people of importance" made questionable statements and Skip Bayless discussed Tim Tebow on First Take for 25 minutes. Same ol' same ol'. As this is the dominating topic in the news and I don't want to comment on the Report because I haven't read it, I'll simply play the role of plagiarist reporter and give you a couple quotes.

LaVar Arrington, former linebacker for Penn State from 1997-1999 initially Tweeted:

Later, in a Yahoo Sports radio interview he questioned how much he really knew Joe Paterno and concluded that he didn't know the person he thought he did.

Phil Knight, Nike CEO and friend of Paterno released a statement:

According to the investigation, it appears Joe made missteps that led to heartbreaking consequences. I missed that Joe missed it, and I am extremely saddened on this day. My love for Joe and his family remains.

It was later announced that Nike plans to remove Paterno's name from their child development center despite saying earlier that they were NOT going to remove his name.

Finally, Bobby Bowden believes that Penn State should remove the Paterno Statue:

Every time they show that statue on TV, people won't remember the good years. They're only going to remember the things with (Jerry) Sandusky. I still love Joe, and I still love his family, but Joe made a mistake, like all of us do. But this was a big one. I'm so sorry it happened.

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  • Tom Dienhart is nearing the end of his countdown for the Big Ten's best games. In Part IV he cracks the top 25 and lists Wisconsin at Penn State, Ohio State at Penn State, Penn State at Virginia, Indiana at Purdue and Wisconsin at Oregon State as games 21-25.
  • ESPN's B1G blog gives us a list of the (possible) next great coaches in the conference. I should point out that damn near every new coach in the B1G is listed
  • It's tough for mascots to be in the Call me Maybe video when they're not contacted
  • Corn Nation has a poll on which Call me Maybe parody is better (or worse): cookie monster or B1G mascots?
  • What if Big Ten coaches were alcoholic drinks? My personal favorite:

Bo Pelini: "The St. Anger"

  • 6 oz Red Bull
  • Double shot of Jagermeister
  • Double shot of Vodka

Chase with Bud Light. Repeat twice.

Because nothing makes a man angrier more quickly than copious amounts of stimulants mixed with copious amounts of depressants.

Finally, looks like somebody didn't find our Notre Dame antics very funny.