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Big Ten at Ten 7.16.2012: Other Crossover Possibilities?

Your obligatory Joe Paterno photo for the day.
Your obligatory Joe Paterno photo for the day.

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ED NOTE: Jesse and Graham dropped a couple of great articles over the past 10 hours which you need to read:

  1. Why the B1G Doesn't Churn Out Heisman Winners
  2. Then Penn State Argument: Maybe it's Not that Complicated

Last Friday it was announced that the Big 10 and Pac 12 were calling off their football crossover series set to begin in 2017. While the series was five years out, I think everyone is disappointed about the great football we're losing. Ohio State vs. USC, Stanford vs. Michigan or Nebraska vs. Oregon could've been epic matchups. To add, Big 10 fans would've have an opportunity to see some of the stadiums out west and shown those snobby ass West Coasters how to tailgate.

Alas, it just wasn't meant to be. The Pac 12 plays nine conference games and teams like USC, Stanford and Utah have annual matchups against Notre Dame and BYU. As Big 10 fans we might scream "SISSIES" because we have our own annual matchups against high quality opponents but the most important thing to remember is that we only play eight conference games. If this series went forward a team like Utah could end up playing Utah State, BYU and Wisconsin in the non-con. Brutal.

Where does that leave us? Are there other possibilities? The ACC? The Big East in 2013? The SunBeast? I've been doing a lot of research and I discovered that there's only one logical suggestion: The Big 10 & Pioneer Football League Crossover Series. Yes, it's perfect.

Can you imagine the matchups? Minnesota taking on the Jacksonville University Dolphins at beautiful D.B. Milne Field? Michigan traveling to sunny Des Moines to take on the Drake University Bulldogs? The Campbell Fighting Camels traveling to Iowa City to face the Hawkeyes in Kinnick Stadium? (Iowa can't beat Campbell in Carver Hawkeye) How ugly would the Butler vs. Indiana or Ohio State vs. Dayton rivalries get? How crazy would the tailgating at Marist College vs. Northwestern be? Please contact this man and make it happen. Links after the jump.

Team Links:

Conference Links:

Finally, I feel like there's a better or less permanent way to commit.