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Big Ten at Ten 7.19.2012: Talking About a Slow News Day

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Who says Indianapolis holds too many events? I'm sure they could fit one more in.
Who says Indianapolis holds too many events? I'm sure they could fit one more in.

[Remember when we said this was going to be released around 10ish? This is one of those, 'ish' moments... sorry for the delay -JC]

Unless we want to talk about students planning on standing in the way of vandals coming for the JoePa statue, which we don't, finding interesting leads to today's links was difficult. Let's just say that football is kind of being monopolized by Paterno stuff and the SEC Media daze (see what I did there?) (also worth noting, the SBNation coverage has been pretty stellar stuff). So basically I was forced to either manufacture news like the major publications or sift through hundreds of articles to find something fun to talk about. I went with option one...

According to the ESPN Big Ten Blog via the Indy Star, it looks like Indianapolis has pulled its name from consideration. Indiana Sports Commission president Susan Williams basically told the media they should stop asking because it was beginning to get annoying and presented the Super Bowl as a better endeavor, mostly because it is. Still, now us Big Ten fans are all like, "But where do we get to have a game that isn't in the south where it is warm and sunny and beautiful and filled with beaches and..."

Look, I am not going to wax poetic about football in the snow anymore than I am going to wax poetic about competitive advantages and such. We lost our chance at campus playoff games and will play the damn game where they tell us to, right? With that said, it will be interesting to see how the bidding process goes. If we are talking about major cities with football stadiums, amenities, and interesting things to do for fans in January, how many Big Ten cities can actually pull this bid off? Detroit? Chicago? Anyone else?

I don't know. Like I said at the beginning, this is somewhat the manufacturing of news because it is not so much an announcement of where it is going to be as much as it is an announcement of what it won't. Still, with the winds of change coming, it's always fun to chat about. Where do you all think this is going to be held? For what it's worth, I vote Dallas because why won't it be Dallas? Links after the jump.

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