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The Penn State Sanctions Open Thread


At 8:00 this morning Central Standard Time, NCAA President Mark Emmert will hold a news conference to announce the penalties that the NCAA will levy on Pennsylvania State University over the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal.

Yesterday, when the NCAA announced it would levy 'unprecedented penalties' against Penn State, it caught a lot of people off guard. For one, the NCAA moves at a snail's pace, so coming down with penalties without NCAA inspectors even stepping on campus is surprising. Secondly, speculation is rife that because of the speedy announcement, that Penn State either agrees with the punishment, or submitted the punishment to the NCAA, and they approved.

I'm not sure what to think on this. I think you can make a case on either side for NCAA intervention, and both cases would be compelling. Some people point to this as the ultimate hypocrisy for the NCAA, some folks think that this might be a turning point in the governing body policing big time athletics.

But right now, that's another debate for another day. From all indications, Penn State is going to be made an example of.

Multiple 'sources' throughout the web have said fines in excess of $30 million, more than 15 scholarship reductions a year for several years, and a multi-season bowl and/or TV ban. Several well connected national college football writers have said that based on the penalties, it would have been preferable for Penn State to get the death penalty over what they're going to receive.

So stick with us here at OTE, and when the punishment is handed down we'll break it down for you.