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Big Ten at Ten 7.24.12: Yesterday Was Not the Best Day Ever...

Spongebob Squarepants-Best Day Ever(With lyrics) (via blackc989)

So, minus the fact that you all might have actually clicked on that YouTube video and you now have one of the most amazing songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day (seriously, try not to smile as you hum, "IT'S THE BESSSSST DAAAAAAAY EVVVV-ERRRRRR!!!") the sad facts are that yesterday was, in fact, not the best day ever for the Big Ten. Between the absolute beatdown Mr. Emmert laid down on Penn State and the corresponding kick to the gut Mr. Delany gave, that would have been enough for a less than amazing day. However, instead of actually just backing down and staying out of the limelight, Michigan decided to take a run at the Fulmer Cup in typical Michigan style.

First, Fitzgerald Toussaint gets arrested for none other than a DUI which prompted a conversation between us writers about how ridiculous it is that these kids don't more or less have drivers. I mean, seriously, how many dumb arrests, suspensions, and questions of integrity will it take for kids to stop drinking and driving. Do they not realize that officers are totally going to throw the book at them if they get pulled over? MSULaxer did bring up the fact that most anyone who has a few drinks is over the limit and that these are kids who feel like they're bigger than the system. Still, hire somebody to follow them around to the bars and watch them. Make it kind of like the secret service or something.

If Hoke was already having a crappy day, then he had this fun little report to deal with. New of DE Frank Clark came out in light of an arrest for Home Invasion. You know, maybe Michigan was falling out of the spotlight. Maybe the idea of all press is good press really got Hoke thinking. In any case, both players are suspended for the time being and Michigan will now have to deal with the barbs that will be flying there way from pretty much every other team. If there is one thing I have learned about the Big Ten, if there is opportunity to rip on Michigan, you take it.

Hopefully today will be a better day across the board. Links after the jump!

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And because I feel like everybody needs something to cheer them up (and wash away the Spongebob song), here is Victor Wooten showing why he is the Bass God.

Victor Wooten - Isn't She Lovely (via AccoladeVideo)