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Big Ten at Ten 7.27.12: LOL TIM BECKMAN LOL

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How awesome is the Big Ten? So awesome that we, the fans, broke Twitter during the Big Ten Media Days. That's something the SEC couldn't manage to do PAWWWWWL. Then again, we're not sure how many southerners have what they call "magic picture boxes with the clicky thingy" at their disposal. That's right Johnny Rebel. Come get me.

Day one went about as expected. Bill O'Brien remained as cool as the other side of the pillow when faced with difficult questions. Bret Bielema started sweating within 16 seconds of being on stage, bragged about how awesome the Badgers are, popped his collar and finished with "On Wisconsin." No one knew who Danny Hope was. Kirk Ferentz was about as entertaining as watching paint dry. Kevin Wilson spoke like a man who already knew he was getting fired in three years. Mark Dantonio mentioned the word "respectful" which made the audience laugh hysterically. And then...then there was Illinois head coach Tim Beckman.

On Wednesday a few Penn State players Tweeted that they being contacted/stalked/harassed by a group of unnamed coaches who were lurking around their apartment building. Then, head coach Bill O'Brien actually ran into a few coaches outside of the Lasch Football Building. Turns out, these six to eight coaches (I've heard conflicting numbers) were from the University of Illinois. They weren't doing anything wrong or illegal as the NCAA essentially declared an "open season" on Penn State's players. However, it seems like professional courtesy if you call the compliance department or ask BOB how he'd like you to approach the situation. Illinois didn't do that. They just sent their coaches in like they were Nicaraguan Contras.

Naturally, Tim Beckman was asked about the incident yesterday and gave the following responses (via BHGP):

"We were in State College, but we weren't on campus."

"We called a few individuals, but we weren't recruiting them."

"We did not go after them, but they had the opportunity to come to us."

Um. What? What do you mean you were in State College but weren't on campus? Bill O'Brien literally saw your coaches outside the Lasch Football Building. Is that not on Penn State's campus? Furthermore, what part of State College isn't on Penn State's campus? What do you mean you called a few individuals but you weren't recruiting them? What were you talking about? Kristen Stewart getting caught doing naughty things in a parking lot? What do you mean you didn't go after them? You just said you called a "few individuals" and Penn State players saw your coaches outside their apartment(s). That would be like a guy who is stalking a woman saying "I'm not going after her, I'm just giving her the opportunity to come to me" as he's sitting in her driveway.

This prompted the usual batshit insanity from Black Heart Gold Pants with a post entitled Big Ten Media Days 2012: Other Things Tim Beckman Did Not Do. And we thought that things were going to get stale in Champaign-Urbana after the Zooker left. Meet the old boss. Same as the news boss. Hit the jump.

Day two isn't on a fixed schedule. It's basically where the coaches and a couple players sit around a table and take questions from the media. It's not televised and the only recap we'll get is at 7PM CT tonight on the BTN.

Oh, and if you wanted a complete recap of day one, here you go. On to the links.

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If you want to keep up on all of today's action I suggest following Brett Yarina of the BTN. He does a solid job.