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Big Ten at Ten 7.30.12: Eluding is Never a Good Idea

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You're next, Canzeri - AIRBHG
You're next, Canzeri - AIRBHG

You know what isn't a big deal? Having a house party that all of the frat bros described as "totally bitchin." You know what is a big deal? Not stopping for the police. For the second time in three days, Iowa backup running back De'Andre Johnson had a run in with the law when he was charged with eluding, a serious misdemeanor, on Saturday night. Per Hawk Central:

According to the University Heights Police Department Johnson, 20, was pulled over on his motorcycle shortly after 9 p.m. after initially failing to stop after speeding away from a red light.

The police report said that Johnson pulled out of his driveway and was waiting at the red light at Benton/Sunset intersection, and "rapidly accelerated."

He was locked in at 60 mph in a 25 zone and the police "activated top lights and sirens. Defendant continued to gain distance."

Johnson finally pulled into 1018 W. Benton and parked his motorcycle behind a vehicle in the grass. The report said Johnson said his friend lived at the address but no friend "Jake" was every found.

For those of you who aren't in the "know," University Heights is a tiny town engulfed by Iowa City just east of Kinnick Stadium. Populated entirely by angry old people, the town's thoroughfare, Melrose Avenue, has a notorious reputation for being a speed trap. The speed limit drops from 35 to 25 east to west and if you're caught doing 27mph you will be pulled over, beaten like a red headed stepchild and ticketed. Benton Street, which is south of Melrose, isn't any better. The general rule is that speeding in University Heights is a death sentence.

So going 60mph in a 25 zone isn't the best idea. Also not the best idea: continuing to speed, failing to stop when the police get behind you, ditching your motorcycle and then claiming that your non-existent friend lives at the address where you were trying to hide. Brilliant move, De'Andre. Enjoy the "indefinite suspension" and the doghouse. I would go on and talk about who Iowa has left to sacrifice to AIRBHG play running back but those guys will tear an ACL slipping on a McDonald's bag or be thrown into that prison from The Dark Knight Rises so why even bother?

PS: Because he was going 25 over the posted speed limit he could have been charged with an aggravated misdemeanor. In Iowa, the maximum sentence for an aggravated misdemeanor is two years in prison. Brilliant.

PPS: Note the grammar error in the final sentence of the Hawk Central. "Every" should be "ever." Oh Gannett papers, you da best.

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