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Top Ten Tuesdays: The Top Ten Sports Events I'd Like to Experience In Person

I have watched a fairly ridiculous amount of Olympic competitions this year, and somehow it still pales in comparison to the amount of hours I have spent in the past. Really, the Olympics are one of my favorite things in the world. For this week's Top Ten Tuesdays, I thought about putting my Top Ten Olympic athletes, but after trying that a few weeks back with my friends, I realized that quite a few people do not share my enthusiasm Regardless, I decided that this week I wanted to take a break from some of my Top B1G Lists for a little bit of general sports goodness.

So what is this week all about then? Why am I not just talking about my favorite Olympic lists? Why am I doing that really annoying thing where I ask somewhat rhetorical questions only to answer them in a slightly aloof/glib way right after I finish them? Well, I don't know about the last question, but this all boils down to me thinking about my Sports bucket list. Madtown Badgers has been running down some of their best sports destinations, and I have been trying to come up with my own Top Ten. Like I have said in the past, I love sports, so there are so many different things that I would like to attend. Outside of seeing my teams compete for championships (and the Quixotic Quest to see the Cubs when a World Series), I listed around 40 events I would love to see. So I am limiting this list to events/guaranteed games. So with no further adieu, my Top Ten Sports Events I'd Like to Experience in Person.

HM: The Game

Okay, I know this should probably be higher, but I've seen Oklahoma-Nebraska, and at some level I'd rather watch Michigan-Nebraska at the Big House or OSU-Nebraska at the Shoe because I'd have a rooting interest that would not end in me getting punched in the face for picking poorly (let's be honest, I'd probably root for the away team at each stadium out of principle). Still, the history of the greatest rivalry in the conference at least piques my interest.

10. Pakistan-India Cricket Match

You think the Game is contentious? This event is based on two countries separated by war, crazy family divides, and terrorism. A couple of countries with deep Cricket ties, India and Pakistan spent a lot of history as the great Cricketers out there and as such, I just think it would be fantastic fun to watch. I mean, I would want to go with someone who understands the sport more than me because I only kind of get it, but it is a really interesting sport. Add to it that it could last four days, and you have what is probably the most unique event on my list.

9. The 24 Hours of Le Mans

Okay, so you're going to all make fun of my list... I have zero doubt of that, but this is such a cool event. Basically, it's a crazy car race where you aren't just going for speed, you're going for endurance in racing. The goal is to get as many 'laps' as you can and you end up racing around 3,000+ miles. I think that this would just be such a fun event because it is exactly what you would expect from the French and you would see a beautiful course. I really see no downsides.

8. The Masters - Augusta National

How cool would it be to see Amen Corner live? I have very few golf experiences I want to see live, but this would just be unreal. To add to that, I just think it would be ridiculously cool to take my shoes off and run around on that gorgeous grass. I would most likely get kicked out of Augusta for doing that, but it would be totally worth it.

7. The Kentucky Derby

I know very little about horse racing, but any time a person has a chance to bet, drink, and get dressed up sounds like a great time to me. Add to it the ridiculous nature of the event and the fact that it's probably the only interesting thing that happens in Kentucky, it's a good event to visit. I might actually work hard at making this happen.

6. The Prefontaine Classic (or any event in Oregon in Track and Field)

I tried to be a runner in high school. I was never all that good, but I loved at least pretending I was. the reality is that I was just very interested in the sport. Whenever I watch T&F on TV up in Oregon, I am just in awe of the setup. Add to that the awesomeness that is the competition and intensity of track, and you have an event that is off the charts cool.

5. The Final Four

Ugh, this is about to get really cliche for a Top Ten Sports Bucket List type post, but the reality is that I really do want to go to a final four. I have looked at tickets before, but since my rooting interests have always sucked, I have not justified the purchase as of yet. Still, the culmination of an entirely awesome month of buzzer beaters, Cinderella stories, and John Calipari teams would be extremely fun live.

4. A National Championship Football Game

With the Playoffs taking over for bowls, there really just isn't a good way to name this one. Still, I just think it would be perfect to go watch a game with that much on the line. I've never been to a bowl game, much less any game with that much on the line (outside of the CWS Baseball Championship game between LSU and Stanford), and I think it would be everything I could hope for. Of course, maybe everything I could hope for so long as it is not two SEC schools pretending offense sucks.

3. The Super Bowl

I grew up loving the Super Bowl as it was the big event each year. If the Buffalo Bills make the Super Bowl in the future, I will try to do everything in my power to attend. Of course, even so, I probably won't be able to afford it and it won't live up to expectations, but I still think going would be amazing. Arguably, of all the things on this list, this is probably the one I have wanted to attend the longest.

2. Man City vs. Man United

Personally, about four years ago I decided I was going to try and follow EPL. It was the cool thing to do and I chose Everton as my de facto team. While they have been entertaining to watch, and I truly believe they are getting better, I definitely wish I would have just gone NY Yankees style and picked one of the evil teams of the EPL. The best part of this league is that it is literally a community involved in the building and culture of each team and the rivalries reflect that. It's reminiscent of College Football in that way and these two teams have no love lost. I really wouldn't care which stadium it was played in, and similar to other rivalries (but probably less so because I would literally fear for my life) I'd root for the visitor.

1. The Olympics - Summer (1a) Winter (1b)

You all knew this was coming after my love fest for the Olympics above. Seriously, though, everything about the Olympics is awesome. The Opening Ceremonies are awesome, the Track and Field events are awesome, the sports we know (Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Water Polo!!!) are awesome, and the sports we don't know (Handball, Curling, Archery, Skeet Shoot, Cross Country Skiing with that Shooting part!!!) are just as awesome. It's a mix of the world's greatest athletes proving both as a team and as individuals that they are legitimately superior to everybody else. It's a weird mix of patriotism, ego-fueled individualism, and athleticism that leads to the best moments in all of sports. If I ever have a chance to go just walk around the Olympics, I'm making it happen. This is literally my sports dream scenario. Now if you'll excuse me, there are some tape-delayed events I need to go watch.