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Not B1G 2012 // Notre Dame Hate Goes Rolling Along

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MSULaxer lives life with his emotions on the ol' sleeve. And that's why we love him. I still can't repeat (or remember?) what exactly he texted me after the Spartans blew the B1G championship game, but I'm sure it's unprintable. With that said, enjoy an Army man's discussion of just another reason to despise the Irish. Ed note: God I love Rivalry Friday's. - graham

MSULaxer27...on Notre Dame and the Armed Forces

I've written about psychopathic clowns, I've written about tin-foil hatted, attic dwelling uncles, I expressed my apathy towards the worlds worst bowling trophy, and just last week I spoke about my dislike of frat boy goomba wanna be dbag coaches.

They all pale in comparison to the the utter contempt I hold for Notre Dame. To say that I loathe the Fighting Irish doesn't plumb the depths of my disdain for their program, its special privileges or insipid idolatry of their icons.

I take the motto "e pluribis unum" fairly seriously. For all the mock outrage I fling at our conference brethren, I realize that all our schools are stronger due to our athletic and academic association. We are better individual institutions from our competition and our cooperation. Were society and some of our governing organizations to embrace this idea of cooperation, we might have a more just, a more fair country to live in.

Most of our member institutions (even you, Michigan) were founded on the premise that the common man deserves a chance at a decent education, that a man can take himself as far as his abilities and drive will allow. This is one reason why they are some of the largest institutions of higher learning in the nation. Small and elitist, Notre Dame with its unearned rewards flies in the face of our traditions.

So yes, I despise Notre Dame and all that it stands for. My disgust goes so far that I truly wish that it didn't exist. And were it not for some middling Navy bureaucrat who convinced Chester Nimitz that it would be idea to place a naval training school at a small, religious school in the middle of nowhere, Indiana, ND would be a historical footnote. I'm sure that everyone has heard the story of how the Navy saved Notre Dame during WWII, and in gratitude, agreed to play The Naval Academy forever. There's more to the story though.

Notre Dame's President, Monseigneur, Head Friar or whatever he's called realized that his school was going under and he needed to find additional resources to keep it open. He first prostituted the domers to the Army, but thankfully, was turned down.

He next turned his sights toward the Navy. MSU had also requested that the Navy place a training school on our campus. Whichever sailor in the Department of the Navy broke away from availing himself of rum, sodomy and the lash to decide that a small private religious school was a better candidate to host the Navy than a public institution whose charter outlined a requirement to train its students in martial matters has been cosigned to the dustbin of history.

So, I've got a double reason to hate. I spent seven years in the Army. The service that is most clearly our rival saved the school that I hate the most. To this day, while MSU has produced many fine Army and Airforce Officers we still don't have a Naval ROTC program. Notre Dame however has produced more Naval officers than any school not in located in Annapolis.

I could go on and discuss the subhuman species known as the "subway alumni" but I'm pressed for time. Suffice it to say, whatever distaste my fellow alums feel for the "Walmart Wolverine" at least in a pinch they could hunt or fish, or at the very least clean the squirrels out of the traps under their double wides; until loudmouth drunken wife beating becomes an Olympic sport the "subway alumni" will find it difficult to receive recompense or recognition for their special talent.