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Big Ten at Ten 8.15.12: Closing Arguments Ahoy

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The Big Ten at Ten will be pushed back to early afternoon due to the start of Closing Arguments. We kicked things off today with Indiana, a team that uh...well, is in the Big Ten. Here's the remaining Closing Arguments (tentative) schedule:

8/16 - Minnesota

8/17 - Illinois

8/20 - Ohio State

8/21 - Northwestern

8/22 - Purdue

8/23 - Iowa

8/24 - Nebraska

8/27 - Penn State

8/28 - Michigan

8/29 - Michigan State

8/30 - Wisconsin

Obviously, the plan is that each team's piece will be written by their corresponding OTE writer. Thus: Minnesota by JDMill, Northwestern by Chad, Iowa by yours truly and Nebraska by Jesse etc. etc. etc.

If you haven't been to BHGP in the past few hours, they have a new Podcast up talking the Big Ten with Supreme Emperor Filler and Ted "Get off my lawn" Glover. I highly suggest you check it out.

That's it for today. Links after the jump.

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