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Big Ten at Ten 8.16.12: You Know, Where Numbers are Relative

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Mike said it yesterday, but we are going to be moving these links to the afternoon for a little while to give each closing argument its time in the spotlight. In case you missed those, by the way, you can find Indiana's Closing Argument here and Minnesota's Closing Argument here. When I mentioned that the 'numbers are relative' above, what I really mean is that these links could drop anywhere between 12-5, so just check back a lot or like us on facebook here... Just think of it like you think of the term, "Big Ten" in that all things considered, a number is really just a brand name, right? Right...

Anyhow, what I really want to talk about is preseason awards hype because nothing spells fun like conjecturing who will win an award based solely on how hyped a person is. Our good friends at the WWL released their running power rankings of who will win the Heisman today with none other than Matt Barkley leading the way. And really, that does not even remotely surprise me. In similar fashion, the first annual SBN All-American Team was released today as well with Barkley leading the way there as well. Sports Illustrated had previously announced their teams, but while we are doing comparisons, it's probably a good time to point out they also love Barkley.

So why do I point all this out? Well, first of all, I firmly believe Barkley will not end up winning the Heisman this year. I might eat these words later, but I just feel like Landry Jones has a better chance flying under the radar and playing against even worst defenses than the Pac 12. Who knows, though. While we're on the subject of preseason hype, I did notice that the ESPN Heisman poll has two Top 5 contenders as of now in Montee Ball (2) and Denard Robinson (4). So good for us? Unless one of those teams goes undefeated, I just do not think the voters will give enough love to either one to actually get them the hardware either.

So what do you all think? What B1G players are going to be All-American by the end of the season? How about award winners? Does anyone care or are we just ready for football? Either way, on to the morning afternoon links.

Team Links:

Conference Links:
And with that, enjoy your afternoon and time killing as you mindlessly consume as much football as possible. If you haven't yet checked out the SBN GIFAPALOOZA II, go do that now.