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Big Ten at Ten 8.2.2012: Hide All Your RBs!

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It has been well documented on the interweb that Iowa has had more attrition at RB than any one team should, going so far as to most all of us just believing in AIRBHG and its omnipotent, despotic rule. However, as a Nebraska fan (and really I'm guessing most all fans in the B1G), it's more funny in a LOL way than funny in a, "ZOMG PLEASE MAKE IT STOP," way. However, if you are one Montee Ball (That's MON-TAY) Ball, you've gotta ask yourself what the hell is going on.

Yesterday, Iowa released RB De'Andre Johnson for two incidents in one week. The first was a disorderly house, which to be honest, just sounds like he was a normal college student who made the rookie mistake of actually hosting a party instead of just attending one. In the scheme of things, he would be running stairs and holding KF's coffee in the morning, but no big deal. Then, as Mike Jones pointed out here, he did the even dumber thing and eluded arrest after getting clocked at 60 in a 25. Of course, he also lied to the officer and tried to ditch his motorcycle as well, so there's that. That probably was not a good idea and AIRBHG has another victim officially.

But that is old news. I mean, getting kicked off the team isn't, but the whole thing just reeked of bad decision making. What really is crazy is this whole Montee Ball incident. I mean, seriously... According to the WWL, Ball was walking around 2:15 in the morning (first mistake really), and all of a sudden five guys just jumped him for no good reason. I am relieved to hear that some people came to his aid quickly, but two hours in the hospital and a concussion later, we're kind of all stuck with this gross feeling about the whole incident. Now, I do not know a ton about Madison, and I've heard this was a sketchy part of a town. Still, this is a stud RB who is going to play on Sundays in a year and could be a Heisman winner. I cannot fathom this happening to that high profile a player anywhere else, but for some reason Mr. Ball has the worst luck ever.

Either way, we here at OTE wish him a speedy recovery and hope that the morons who jumped him get caught. Come on people, violence never solves anything. Ugh... On to the links.

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