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Big Ten at Ten 8.22.12: Should We Dress Up For Football Games?

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This isn't what I mean when I say "dress up."
This isn't what I mean when I say "dress up."

I was tailgating and getting crunk as a mofo outside the building formerly known as Land Shark Stadium in preparation for Iowa's upcoming game against Georgia Tech in the 2009 Orange Bowl when I noticed something odd: a group of 7 or 8 well dressed Yellow Jacket fans enjoying beverages behind a appropriately decorated SUV. It was my first bowl game experience, thus the first time I'd encountered fans from the south, so I wasn't sure why they were dressed in khakis, button downs and ties. I turned to my friend and asked him "Hey, why are those Georgia Tech guys dressed like that?" He shook his head and responded "Don't know. I guess it's just a southern thing. They get dressed up for football games." I shrugged, continued to pound booze and that was that.

I hadn't really given it much thought until I was walking through Scheel's the other day and I saw a Hawkeye tuxedo t-shirt. It was incredibly tacky, albeit hilarious and made me think back to those Yellow Jacket fans who were dressed so differently than I for the Orange Bowl. It eventually caused me to ask the question "Should B1G fans get dressed up for football games?" When I attended the University of Iowa I usually went tailgating in cargo shorts/jeans, a jersey/long sleeved t-shirt and tennis shoes. I didn't give much thought to my attire because I knew I was going to be wastypants in about 2 hours and honestly could care less how people thought I looked. These days, I like to wear a Nike Polo to Kinnick and shy away from any sort of jersey (Sidenote: There's the discussion about the cutoff age for when you should stop wearing a jersey. I say 30 but some say earlier. Regardless, I still do wear jerseys but only in the comfort of my own home).

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I doubt I'm alone in my fashion choices. I'm sure when you all attended your respective universty (and those who currently attend) you didn't give much thought about your outward appearance. Sure, you don't want to look like complete white trash but it's not imperative that you dress like you're attending the debutante ball. Personally, I think there's nothing wrong with rocking a nice Nike Polo and some cargo shorts but I must admit there's a certain mystique about dressing up like a common dandy for a football game.

Those in favor of dressing up would say that you should take pride in your football team, it's a sign of respect and it shows that you are continuing the dignified tradition of putting on your "Sunday best" when appearing in public. Detractors would say you look like a douche, that stuff isn't very comfortable, this jersey cost $80 and that it's a Southern thing. PS: THE SOUTH LOST, WE WON, USA #1.

I'm not here to promote either side of the debate. I'm simply here to promote discussion. What do you think?

Also, I'm sorry, but this guy looks like an asshole.

ED NOTE: As our first commenter brought to my attention, I'm asking this "within reason." Obviously you're not going to wear a shirt and tie when it's 20 degrees outside. I thought that would've been obvious.

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