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Big Ten at Ten 8.24.12: The Return of PLAY4BREW and Zooker

After spending a year doing sideline commentary for Fox Sports and a whopping two weeks with CBS Sports, ex-Minnesota Golden Gophers head coach Tim Brewster will join Dan Mullen at Mississippi State as wide receivers coach. The Bulldogs former wide receivers coach, Angelo Mirando resigned on Sunday due to an ongoing NCAA investigation into his recruitment of at least one current Mississippi State player. Brewster has never actually coached wide receivers but has more than 10 years of experience with tight ends. While I'd love to talk more about how hilarious Tim Brewster's tenure was at Minnesota, I'll settle with posting this screencap of what I believe is the Golden Gopher's 2009 Media Guide:


Yeah...there's something wrong with that picture.

In an interview with the Starkville media, Brewster stated (paraphrasing) that it's going to be a whole lot easier to bring kids to Starkville, Mississippi than Minneapolis, Minnesota. While I'm sure that quote will be taken out of context it's worth noting that Brewster was talking about recruiting kids from the south. Thus, he's saying that it's a lot easier to get kids in the south to come to Starkville as opposed to the super far north/cold Twin Cities.

But that's not even the best part. 10 days ago it was announced that Brewster, Ron Zook and Houston Nutt were joining the CBS Sports Network was college football analysts. Today, Football Rumor Mill Tweeted this:

Hold on. Ahem. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL WHAT? Sure, the source is "Football Rumor Mill" but is that hard to believe? Brewster was supposed to serve as a color commentator during football games while Nutt and the Zooker remained in the studio. Now, CBS Sports needs to fill that void with someone. Someone...colorful. Someone...hilarious. Someone...awesome.


THE RETURN OF THE ZOOKER. Links after the jump.

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