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Big Ten at Ten 8.27.12: The Final Countdown

Indiana's stadium 5 minutes before kickoff. No, not really.
Indiana's stadium 5 minutes before kickoff. No, not really.

I'm giddier than a school girl right now. College football officially kicks off in three days when South Carolina takes on Vanderbilt at 6PM CT on ESPN. There are a couple other games on over the course of the night but the REAL awesomeness starts at 9:15PM CT when Mike Leach and Washington State take on BYU. That game is also on ESPN. Little known fact: Minnesota plays UNLV at 10PM CT on the CBS Sports Network. Yes, that's happening too.

An absolutely indispensable website for the season is the TV schedule provided by The schedule has every game, no seriously every game, listed and tells you what network it is on. I suggest you bookmark it immediately.

A few Big Ten sites have set up their preseason BlogPolls. Maize n Brew's poll has USC at #1 and Michigan State as the best team in the conference. The Crimson Quarry has Bama at #1 and Wisconsin as the best in the Big Ten. Also, note that John has never voted for his own team. Sad. Land Grant Holy Land has Texas (WHAT?!) as the best team in the nation and Ohio State (WHAT?!) as the best team in the conference. Finally, Fight For Iowa has Bama as the best team in the land and Sparty as the best team in conference.

For the 2012 season we'll have the traditional features here at OTE: bowl projections, power polls, potlucks, obligatory predictions competition and game threads. We'll continue the Big Ten at Ten (and it should resume actually being at 10AM) and aim to have a couple of freestanding articles for your favorite team throughout the week.

Also, because it's the final countdown to football season it's obligatory that you watch this video:

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To conclude, I'd like to lambaste the SOB who joined the OTE Fantasy Football League and backed out just prior to the draft. You're a jerk. We're now looking for one more player to make the league complete so that the autodraft can be scheduled. Go there and join (that link should get you to the join page, if not, search for OTE Fantasy in the league directory). No, you win nothing. All you win is bragging rights. Also, don't forget that Hilary has a league going so there's plenty of football opportunities.