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Big Ten at Ten 8.30.12: Yeah Boyyyyyyy! Football is Back!

You all totally thought I was going Flavor Flav on you. This is way better. (via HSPJamie97)

Before I get to a post where you kill the next hour of your life getting excited that football season is finally here, I need to direct you to what will literally (not literally, but maybe figuratively) be the most important click of your day: OTE's OPC 2012!!! Seriously everyone, drop what you are doing right now, sign up with that ESPN account I know you already have (or use that facebook account I know you already have... which reminds me, go click here and 'Like' our facebook page because it's awesome and we're awesome and OTE craves social media attention...) and join in the fun. Have you done it? No... I'll wait. Now? Yes? Perfect, you are now okay to move on to the next phase.

I could ramble on about football being back and all the wonderful things that are associated with that, but we're pretty much past that. So instead, here are some memories of last year and some moments to get you jacked for this evening all the way through Sunday.

Notre Dame at Michigan - Football Highlights (via bigtennetwork)

More videos after the jump... You know, just in case you weren't excited for real football to begin. Oh, and there will be some links after that, so stay with me all the way to the bottom.

Michigan State beats Wisconsin with Hail Mary pass in final seconds, official review (via nbavideosnow2)

Nebraska Football 2012, Can You Feel It (via wjn5)


Wisconsin Football Experience (via WisconsinAthletics)

College Football Purdue vs. Ohio State 2011 (1/3) (via DeckerFamily2002)

Ohio State Buckeyes Football vs Wisconsin Highlights Video 2011 All of The Lights (via BuckeyeFanExperience)

Iowa vs. Michigan 2011 Highlights (via HighlightHawkeye)

Illinois vs Northwestern Highlights (via IlliniProductionsHD)

Minnesota Students Storm the Field After Beating Iowa (HD) (via mntwinsfreak89)

Penn State Football 2012 Thunder (via 555mrbucky)

2012 Indiana Football (via IUAthletics)

Team Links:

Alright everyone, I gotta go to a meeting because I do work and stuff. Keep an eye open for an amazing wealth of content starting today and don't forget to join us in the gamethreads. This is really happening. Happy College Football Day!!!