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Big Ten at Ten 8.8.12: There IS a Name on My Jersey

Obligatory Penn State uniform photo featuring a drunk guy.
Obligatory Penn State uniform photo featuring a drunk guy.

There used to be a Penn State blog named There is no Name on My Jersey. It's defunct now, which is good because the name wouldn't apply any longer. Penn State announced that it is wearing "different" uniforms for the 2012 season. From Penn State's official website:

When they take the field at Beaver Stadium for their 126th season, The Pennsylvania State University football team will wear uniforms featuring a blue ribbon to support all victims of child abuse. Also, for the first time, the names of each football player will adorn their jersey in recognition of their resolve and dedication to the team and the University.

The reasoning behind the blue ribbon is obvious. But what about the names? The press release continues:

Coach O'Brien says after speaking with some members of the team, they made the decision together to add names to the uniforms. Players indicated the names on their jerseys also mean they will hold each other accountable to uphold the traditions of Penn State football, both on and off the field.

"We want our fans to know and recognize these young men," O'Brien said. "They have stuck together during tough times, and I commend them for the leadership they have shown. Moving forward, I'm deeply committed to honoring Penn State's traditions, while building a bright future for our football program."

I think there's been a divide on the issue of uniform changes. Some people don't believe Penn State should change the uniforms in any way. Others believe that they should change it MORE. Personally, I think if you're going to change the uniforms you should completely redesign them and not just add a name and a ribbon. Tom Dienart thinks Penn State should go farther with its changes and add the blue ribbon to their helmet. It's actually sort of funny to think that Penn State has basically been wearing the same uniform since the 50's, with the only "major changes" being enlarging of numbers or the addition of stripes. Those don't seem like "major changes" but hey, when your uniforms are that boring I suppose they are. What do you think about the changes? Links after the jump.

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