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Big Ten at Ten 8.9.12: Revisiting the Topic of Television

A couple of days ago, the WORLD WIDE LEADER IN SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! announced their new 2012 broadcast teams. I meant to circle back to this because as fans of football, there are so few things that are more awesome (watching every Tessitore game last season) or more awful (*coughcraigjamescough*) than what the announcer brings to the game. In fact, I would go as far as to say that certain announcers can actually change the perception of your team nationwide. Whether it is an overreaction to a coach, outrage towards a player, or even just kudos to someone in the department, these guys wield quite a bit of influence.

Add to that the obnoxiousness that can be a hyperactive announcer, and you can see why these gigs are generally carefully thought out. Still, I think it's all kind of overrated. One of my goals this season is to try and spend more time listening to the radio broadcasts. Growing up without cable and without the incredible amount of coverage we have now, I was initiated into Husker football listening to Kent Pavelka on 1110 KFAB here in Nebraska. In hindsight, I think the nostalgia for Kent's voice probably greatly outweighs the reality that he was only so-so in that department, but nonetheless, he was the voice of the Huskers. I cannot tell you how happy it would make me when a game was actually on TV and instead of listening to Mushmouth (as my dad so affectionately referred to Musburger), we would listen to the radio turned up really loud.

In fact, in what is probably one of the most memorable sports nights in my life - the 1995 Orange Bowl against Miami - my dad had the radio turned up and we were hanging on the slightly faster radio broadcasters every word. When Nebraska finally broke through, the house went crazy and you almost felt like Kent was in the room with us, high fiving and smiling from ear to ear. Anyhow, I guess all that to say is that a lot of time and energy has been poured into these crews for the WWL, and while I get the need to produce a good product, it just doesn't match the homerisms and passion that radio guys have. While most people don't appreciate sports on the radio these days, especially those under 18, I feel like its a medium that needs to be handled with care. There just really is nothing quite like it in my opinion, and I hope we never let that slip away. Links after the jump!

Team Links:

I will be honest. I'm a little busy today, so these are late and I don't have all that much time to find some conference links. Still, I feel like I need a good exit strategy to the day. So, I leave you with video from Everton, my favorite EPL team. They said they would riot if Hibbo scored a goal (after a 1o year career and over 300 games played). He finally scored... and they rioted (kinda). We should try and stage something like this at at B1G school. What player on your team would get the masses excited?

Hibbo scored. We rioted. ( 8/8/12 Everton V AEK Athens ) (via SinginthebluesEFC)