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Across The Empire: Your Saturday Open Game Thread

Finally, we're fully underway. Minnesota and MSU have us off to a shaky 2-0 start, but a 2-0 start nonetheless. The rest of the conference takes the field at some point during the day, and we'll talk about a few storylines concerning the good guys in just a minute. But first, as has been kind of the tradition here the last couple years with the first Saturday open thread, we'll start off with the Official Song of Off Tackle Empire, in tribute to our barristers, current and formers defenders of freedom, and the thing that makes the world go 'round. Because when it's all said and done, about the only three things that can pull your ass out of the fire is Lawyers, Guns, and Money:

Your gametime and channel can be found here. Feel free to talk about any of our conference games, but we're not limiting ourselves to the goings on in the Empire. Navy and Notre Dame kick things off bright and early at 8, with their tilt in Dublin. That's going to be a good game, as Navy gives everyone fits, and who amongst us doesn't want to see Brian Kelly turn 11 shades of purple while enjoying a nice cup of coffee? Down south, Auburn and Clemson have a big non-con game in Atlanta. The last time we saw Clemson, of course, was the 70-33 pasting they took at the hands of West Virginia in the Orange Bowl.

In our neck of the woods, Bill O'Brien and Tim Beckman make their B1G coaching debuts. No one really knows what to expect from either of these teams, especially Penn State. Kevin Wilson will try for a season opening win against Indiana State...and really, if you lose this, just relegate yourself to the MAC. Oh yeah, there's another coach making his debut in the B1G today as well. Maybe you've heard of him. He hasn't been on TV much this off-season, and his hiring kind of flew under the radar, so I understand if you're not aware that Urban Meyer is the new coach at Ohio State.

But of course, the big game is Alabama-Michigan at Jerruh World at 7. Oh, and a tip of the cap to Brady Hoke here. He left starting RB Fitzgerald Touissant in Ann Arbor as punishment for his summer DUI, when almost everyone thought the most he would do is something farcical, like sit out the first series. Credit to Hoke where credit is due; he's not only walking the walk, but talking the talk. Not sure if he'll regret that decision midway through the third quarter when Denard Robinson has been beat like a Maize and Blue pinata, but it's nice to see a coach--any coach--do the right thing.

You know the drill on the no-nos: No racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no personal attacks, no pornography, no politics, and no illegal Internet streams of the games. Other than that, have at it.

Enjoy the games, everbody!