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Big Ten at Ten 9.12.12: A Perfect Weekend?

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I still haven't thoroughly spoke about what happened last weekend and would prefer not to. Watching football on September 8th was like the first time I watched Magnolia. I just kept on asking myself: WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING? Now, all we can do is look forward to Saturday where the B1G plays a bunch of cupcakes and Notre Dame (of if you prefer, just a bunch of cupcakes).’s Brent Yarina (@BTNBrentYarina) has the Big Ten going perfect for the week while Tom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart) has Penn State losing 29-21 to Navy. Yes, that Navy.

The reason why the Big Ten could go undefeated this weekend is because every school is at home and it's week three....which means some MAC teams are going to get slaughtered. Iowa and Illinois play FCS opponents, Michigan gets UMass (LOL) and Nebraska takes on Arkansas State. The only real game of note is Michigan State vs. Notre Dame. You'll recall that Sparty went full SPARTY NOOOOO in South Bend last season, losing 31-13 to the Domers. This season the Spartans have yet to give up an offensive touchdown and Notre Dame is having problems deciding on a quarterback. Dare I say that if Michigan State beats the Irish they shouldn't just be eyeing the Rose Bowl, but they should be eyeing the BCS National Title game as well? It's OK to dream Sparty. It's OK.

Here's the latest odds from Vegas Insider and a look at the teams the B1G is taking on:

Illinois (vs. Charleston Southern): N/A

Indiana (vs. Ball State): -2.5

Iowa (vs. Northern Iowa): N/A

Michigan (vs. UMass): -46.5

Michigan State (vs. Notre Dame): -6

Minnesota (vs. Western Michigan): -2.5

Nebraska (vs. Arkansas State): -24.5

Northwestern (vs. Boston College): -3.5

Ohio State (vs. California): -17

Penn State (vs. Navy): -5.5

Purdue (vs. Eastern Michigan): -24

Wisconsin (vs. Utah State): -14

A few notes:

  • 5 Big Ten schools are double digit favorites including Michigan who is favored over UMass by a whopping FORTY SIX points.
  • Indiana is only favored by 2.5 against Ball State. Minnesota is only favored by 2.5 against Western Michigan. Really?
  • 9 out of the last 12 meetings between Michigan State and Notre Dame have been decided by 7 points or less.
  • Considering how well Utah State has been playing I think 14 points for the Badgers is a little generous.

Maybe we could rebound by going perfect this weekend? Eh, probably not.

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