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Big Ten at Ten 9.13.2012: So Apparently Notre Dame Did Some Stuff...

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Notre Dame-Duke... Touchdown Jesus approves?
Notre Dame-Duke... Touchdown Jesus approves?

Alright, I am not in a position to do an in-depth analysis of the Notre Dame story. A) I don't particularly care where Notre Dame ended up because I don't particularly care about Notre Dame, B) Let's face it, Notre Dame was going to spurn the B1G unless there was special dispensation given and that was not happening in a league that claims parity, and C) I'm still new here and while I am a College Football fan who always thought there was an unspoken understanding between the B1G and ND, I also know enough to realize those dynamics also include a ridiculous amount of mutual dislike.

With all that to say, it is an interesting move. Notre Dame moves to the ACC in every sport but football. So the ACC grows its footprint for the time being and puts another nail in the coffin of the B-East. Notre Dame will get five conference games with Big East opponents which should ease the scheduling conflicts they were undoubtedly running into. On paper, this is the deal of the century for the Fighting Irish. Competitively, these are schools that have about the same level of student bodies, and honestly, the competition goes down from either the Big Ten or the Big XII. Eric Murtaugh of One Foot Down thinks it's a home run because it basically gives all the advantages of conference affiliation without, you know, actually having to play by the rules of everyone else (not exactly what he says, but I'm distilling here... just like a nice gin).

Bottom line, a lot of us are probably wondering if the Big Ten missed out on a big fish, but look at it this way. Delany had the power to make a deal like this if he so chose. He didn't because he values the brand, the image, and the parity in decision making that we have at this point. Delany did release a statement later to basically point out that Conference Shifts are still definitely in play and that he is more than happy with his current setup. So, good for us, good for them, and let's move on to anything other than Notre Dame news.

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