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Big Ten at Ten 9.14.12: A MACrifice Weekend

I searched for MAC and this is what came up first. Love you, Getty Image search engine.
I searched for MAC and this is what came up first. Love you, Getty Image search engine.

Week three in the Ten usually means two things: 1) Michigan State is playing Notre Dame; and 2) There's going to be a MACrifice. For whatever reason, be it scheduling purposes or simply coincidence, the Big Ten plays a disproportionate amount of MAC opponents one week out of the year. This weekend there are four matchups with MAC teams: Minnesota vs. Western Michigan, Purdue vs. Eastern Michigan, Michigan vs. UMass and Indiana vs. Ball State. If you're like me you didn't even know UMass joined the MAC until about 5 minutes ago.

Why play the MAC? Well, geographically it makes sense. The conference has only has schools in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts and New York. The University at Buffalo (yes, it's actually University at Buffalo) and UMass aside, that's Big Ten country. Here's a few statistics for you:

  • The Big Ten owns a 281-47-4 (.852) record against the MAC (not including this season).
  • Nebraska has the best winning percentage against MAC teams, going a perfect 5-0. Then again, Nebraska has also played the fewest MAC teams. Nebraska aside, Michigan has the best record against MAC teams at 30-1. Majority of their victories have been against directional Michigan schools. Their one loss? TolOLOLOLedo of course. Good job, good effort RichRod.
  • Who has the worst record against MAC teams? Northwestern, naturally. The Wildcats are only 16-9-1 (.634) against the MAC and have losing records against Bowling Green (0 wins, 2 losses) and Miami of Ohio (3 wins, 6 losses). But hey, at least they're undefeated against directional Michigan teams.
  • Iowa's only two losses against a MAC team came against Western Michigan.
  • Ohio State's only loss to a MAC team came against Akron.
  • Wisconsin has only lost to NIU and Western Michigan.
  • I was going to write something about Penn State but then they lost to Ohio.


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