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B1G 2012 // Week Two - Margin Call - The Japanese Market Shift

1 DD = 350 Aresco pesos

Here is the late night trading shift I promised earlier in the week.

You know the rules.

The B1G bank has decided to take part in some quantitative easing of its own. The B1G bank sold all it shares of ND stock trading on the GARY underpass exchange and received an influx of Aresco pesos (they appear to be made of chocolate and tears) which we were able to convert into DD.

Three important facts: Every participant receives one Delany Dollar for tonight's trading shift due to this "windfall", the bank is wiling to buy all outstanding shares of PSU stock for 2 DD, and due to market inaction the bank is willing to liquidate its remaining shares of OSU bank stock ( 4 shares) for the price of 2DD each.

Here is the list of current bank prices:

ILL - 1.5DD
IU - 1DD
IA - 1.5DD
UM - 1DD
MN - 2DD
NU-L - 3DD
NU - 4DD
OSU - 4.5DD bank purchase/2DD bank sale (4 shares only) *One can not sell OSU shares at 4.5DD to purchase OSU shares at 2DD
PSU - 2DD (for sale to the bank - not available for purchase)
PU- 2.5DD
UW - 2DD

Provelt preparing himself for the Alaskan winter came up with the following format to document your activities:

*** _ shares of ___ sold to ______ for _ shares of _____ ***

* _ shares of _ sold to __ for _ DDs
* _ DD given to ______ for _ shares of _ **

Please list your holdings at the end of the trading period if you are able.

Market closes at 10:59 CDT on Saturday, September 15.

Happy trading. If you're drinking...I'm sure there are worse decisions that you have made besides 2 IU and 5 DD for a pair of goat skin chaps.