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Sunday Morning Coming Down: Sparty. No.


Hurdling defenders is cool. You know what's cooler? NOT LOSING TO F*$#ING NOTRE DAME!

And then there were three.

It was a Saturday where the B1G returned to normal after last week's 6-6 tire fire, as B1G squads went 10-2. But man, those 2 losses were killer, as they came against two of the B1G's until-then undefeated squads. Ohio State, Minnesota, and Northwestern are the only remaining unbeaten B1G teams after Week 3 (who would have predicted THAT preseason?)

Michigan State's loss was the most painful -- I really thought they might run the table on the strength of that defense and a solid running game. But just 3 points against Notre Dame? Wow.

A couple other thoughts:

  • Purdue looks like they have some big play capability (four plays of over 40 yards yesterday, after having just 6 all of 2011), gave Notre Dame a stronger challenge than Michigan State, and their only real competition in the Leaders division is Wisconsin....who frankly is lucky to be 2-1, after they almost blew another game against Utah State. The smart money should be on Purdue to come out of the Leaders division....Coach Hope has really put together a strong squad.
  • Northwestern is 3-0. Northwestern has beaten 3 BCS conference opponents. Northwestern is not ranked. Early season polls are dumb/pointless.
  • Speaking of, the Curse of Carly Rae Jepsen/Call Me Maybe Curse is real. Northwestern-Purdue looks like a possible B1G Championship matchup (memorably, Willie the Wildcat and Purdue Pete were left out of the other B1G mascots' lip synch video to Call Me Maybe). The lesson? If you're a mascot, DO NOT participate in Carly Rae Jepsen lip synch videos.
  • On Northwestern's win -- a huge ground game (267 yards rushing) allowed the offense to control time of possession (36 minutes to 24 minutes for BC), the defense stuffed the BC rushing attack (25 yards rushing total), and Northwestern got great special teams play from Jeff Budzien (5 FGs). The defense seems to be coming into form (which is a pleasant surprise after that Week 1 performance vs. Syracuse) and will be tough to run against all season. The offense? It has a ton of playmakers and weapons (Mike Trumpy surpassed 100 yards rushing Saturday), but it has to do a better job of getting into the end zone. The fact that Northwestern is 3-0 without its offense playing at its best (and trust me, they haven't) is a VERY dangerous sign for the rest of the Legends division.
  • Tough loss for Indiana. How the hell does your hometown clock operator not run out the clock there?
  • Wisconsin -- I'm through with you. This is not a good Badgers team.
  • Ohio State again made it interesting against Cal....but Braxton Miller is simply amazing. He should be on everyone's Heisman short list.
  • Illinois likes cupcakes, apparently. So did Michigan (granted, UMass is a FBS team....but this is their first year in FBS football).
  • Penn State beat Navy. I think this says more about how terrible Navy is than anything else. But a win is a win, right? Isn't it nice to have your first win since 1997, Nittany Lion fans?
  • Apparently, AIRBHG will not be appeased until the Hawkeyes randomly select fans from the stands to play RB.....
  • That sound you hear? It's Minnesota fans exhaling after getting by Western Michigan, and inhaling/holding their breath that MarQueis Gray is okay.

Feel free to add your own thoughts/comments/ideas in the comments.