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Week 3 Hotseat Watch

Does the card say Bielema's on the hot seat?
Does the card say Bielema's on the hot seat?

Three weeks are in the books for the B1G, and if there's one thing that's become apparent, it's that the conference really doesn't look all that great out of the gate.

And that's being kind. But that said, has the overall mediocre play on the field put anyone's job in jeopardy? Let's take a look at it.

Jerry Kill, Minnesota: Forget about last year's 3-9 season. Kill is loved by the team, the administration, and is slowly winning the fans over. He's got the Gophers at 3-0, and looking much better this year than last. When Marqiues Gray got hurt, Max Shortell came in and took over, and the offense didn't really skip a beat. The defense still isn't great, but it's better. And every morning he gets to say hi to his buddy Floyd.

Hotseat temperature: Ice cold and decreasing, if that's possible.

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa: I see no indication that Ferentz is coaching for his job...but maybe he should be. He's lost Iowa's two biggest rivalry trophies two years in a row, and you can talk me into Minnesota keeping the pig for a third straight year in a couple weeks. Iowa has kind of floundered since their Orange Bowl win in 2009, both the offensive and defensive coordinators left or retired, and the offense is even more conservative now than it was, which I really didn't think was possible. James Vandenberg has regressed, and I see no sense of urgency to fix what ails the Hawkeyes right now.

Hotseat Temperature: Tepid, just like Iowa's offense. Getting warmer. Well, should be. Don't think it is, though.

Bret Bielema, Wisconsin: Oh, Bret. Bret, Bret, Bret. Not sure I've seen a drop off this quickly in a team since...since...Ohio State last year. Okay, before then? It's been awhile. You went from a great offense, to a bad offense in just a few months. I mean, Graham mentioned it here, but have you ever seen an offense just lose their identity as fast as Wisconsin has? Even if Wisconsin doesn't win another game this year (which would make me laugh, but I don't see happening) Bielema isn't going anywhere, but this hasn't been his best showing so far. He's been exposed as a subpar recruiter and manager this year, as he had to fire the offensive line guy he hired two games into the season, and still has no answer at QB.

Hotseat Temperature: The card says warm, like you just sat in a chair someone was sitting in. 6-7 wins or miss a bowl game? It gets much warmer.

Bo Pelini, Nebraska: I'm starting to hear some grumbling in the fanbase, which I think is a bit premature. Pelini had a heck of a rebuild job after Bill Callahan, and for the most part, he's done a good job. But bad losses out on the West Coast tend to bring up bad memories, and some friends of mine who are Husker fans are asking if Pelini has taken Nebraska as far as he can. An appearance in the B1G Conference championship game ends that talk for a season or two, but miss out on that and lose in a nondescript manner in a nondescript bowl, and the temperature will be rising.

Hotseat Temperature: Mild.

Danny Hope, Purdue: Extension aside, Hope came into the season as the odds on favorite as the most likely B1G coach to get canned if his team disappointed. And Purdue has done anything but that so far. They've beaten the teams they should've convincingly, and played Notre Dame very, very tough in South Bend. The Boilermakers have aarguably been the most impressive team in the conference thus far, and Hope's job status seems more secure with each passing week. Is Purdue really the favorite in the Leaders division?

Hotseat Temperature: Cooling.

Kevin Wilson, Indiana: Has Indiana gotten better since Wilson took over? I think so. Are they ever going to get to a level of competitiveness in the B1G that rises above a mid-level MAC program? I don't know; Saturday's loss was very disappointing, class A trolling aside. Will that be enough for Wilson to keep hisjob in two or three years? I don't think so. If ever there was a guy in an unenviable position, it's Wilson at Indiana. Heck, if he can get to 6 wins, he'll get a big fat extension and be considered for coach of the year. Not sure he can do that in Bloomington, though. He's not in any danger now, though. But go 2-10 this year and pull in only 2 or 3 wins next year then he's in big trouble.

Pat Fitzgerald, Urban Meyer, Brady Hoke, Bill O'Brien, Mark Dantonio, and Tim Beckman: These guys are either in their first year and/or are doing good enough to the point that even seriously considering canning them would be about the stupidest thing that particular school could do. Unless, of course, you're in the birther/truther wing of the fanbase at each of those places, then of course...FIRE EVERYONE RAWR.