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B1G 2012 // Week Three - Margin Call

To the winners go the spoils.

We're getting to that point in the season where transitivity begins to take effect. Team A played Team B and won by five touchdowns. Team A played Team C and lost by one point. Predictions abound on what will occur in a match up between Team B and Team C. In the real world Team B usually ends up winning by three scores.

In a word I guess, that is why they play the games. Which they most certainly did this past weekend.

If you're just joining us this week, you have 6DD to start with.

Trading will be open today until 7:30pm CDT.

Four shares of MSU are available from the bank this week.

Rules here.

Illinois_medium B1g_money_mediumB1g_money_-_half_medium

The Illini fattened up this week on a 0-3 I-AA squad that hasn't been within three touchdowns in any game this season.Next up for the Illinois is the Bulldogs of Louisiana Tech. La Tech is fresh off two shoot out wins over Rice and Houston. Which Illini team do we get, the one rolled by ASU or the juggernaut that handled WMU and CSU so easily? Illini hold at one and a half Delany Dollars.


Indiana_medium B1g_money_medium

So close Indiana! You almost beat a team with a pulse. I was otherwise occupied but it sounds like there was some controversy to end this one. IU is making progress, however most of the games for the rest of the season may not be this close. After an off week, next on the schedule is their first B1G challenge in Northwestern. Will IU prove just how far the B1G has fallen by defeating the unbeaten Wildcats (with three!!! victories over BCS AQ foes). I don't see a lot of reason to move the value of IU stock. One Delany Dollar.


Iowa_medium B1g_money_mediumB1g_money_medium

Iowa. What can we say? Another running back down. Northern Iowa put up another good fight against a B1G team. Central Michigan is up next and they already have a B1G loss in the books. Lets see what Iowa can do. Iowa Hawkeyes are back up to two Delany Dollars.


Michigan_medium B1g_money_mediumB1g_money_-_half_medium

The University of Michigan beat a clearly over matched UMASS team. Congratulations! I could definitely understand why Poll voters would move them up! The Wolverines travel to South Bend to play another highly ranked team this weekend. Let's see how they do in this one before re-anointing them the kings of the Midwest. UM begins the slow climb in value that all expect coming in at one and half Delany Dollars.


Michigan_st_medium B1g_money_mediumB1g_money_mediumB1g_money_mediumB1g_money_-_half_medium

The less said here the better. Once again, the Spartans had their not ready for prime-time moment and again against Notre Dame. The Irish gave us a blueprint for beating the Spartans as it appeared MSU does not have a vertical passing game. Eastern Michigan comes to town next and if the game is close at half, I'd have reason to worry about MSU. The Spartans drop to three and half Delany Dollars


Minnesota_medium B1g_money_mediumB1g_money_mediumB1g_money_-_half_medium

Minnesota is now 3-0 after outlasting Western Michigan. Syracuse comes to the bank this weekend. I don't expect the Gophers to be undefeated after this weekend. Minnesota sees a slight bump to two and half Delany Dollars.Two Delany Dollars.


Nebraska_medium B1g_money_mediumB1g_money_mediumB1g_money_mediumB1g_money_-_half_medium

Nebraska manhandled Arkansas State in week three, except for the third quarter. The next heavyweight on the Huskers schedule is the Idaho State Bengals(?!). There's a team I didn't even know existed. Are they Division VIII-B? Three and half Delany Dollars for the Huskers this week.


Northwestern_medium B1g_money_mediumB1g_money_mediumB1g_money_mediumB1g_money_mediumB1g_money_-_half_medium

Three weeks. Three BCS AQ teams. Three victories. The Coyotes of South Dakota are up next. NU should be undefeated after four weeks of play. With IU and PSU in the next couple weeks NU could feasibly push their record to 6-0. See a pattern here? The Wildcats are up to four and a half Delany Dollars.


Ohio_st_medium B1g_money_mediumB1g_money_mediumB1g_money_mediumB1g_money_mediumB1g_money_-_half_medium

A late interception enabled the Buckeyes to hold off the Bears. UAB comes to town next and OSU should win that one to push their record to 4-0. They'll then probably be favored in their B1G opener against the Spartans. The Buckeyes hold at four and half Delany Dollars for the Buckeyes.



PSU is back on the board at one half a Delany Dollar and their stock is available for purchase again. How bad is Navy going to be this season? Temple is up next.



I'm not going to say it. It's a shame when an athlete's career ends in an injury. Eastern MIchigan is not at good team this season. Purdue gets a weekend to rest up as they wait for The bandwagon gets a little more full this weekend after the Marshall Thundering Herd comes to town in week five. The Boilers are up to three Delany Dollars.


Wisconsin_medium B1g_money_mediumB1g_money_-_half_medium

Wisconsin failed to impress at home against the Utah State Aggies. The Badgers fired their offensive line coach after the week two loss and needed a missed field to escape at home. UTEP is up next. One and a half Delany Dollars


Many thanks to the excellent site Helmet Project for all the helmet pictures used in this post.