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Big Ten at Ten 9.20.12: OTE Wants You to Smile

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Hey Off Tackle Empire Community, I wanted to have a quick talk with all of you. I know it has been a tough year this year so far. We have zero National Championship contenders, we have a fairly awful national resume through the non-conference, and our best team might be on suspension. On top of that, we have been embarrassed on national television three times now, and the SEC once again has the top two teams in the country. Still, I have one word for you... SMILE



Seriously, though. If there are some things to be comforted by, consider this:

  • Our conference does not house Colorado who was obliterated by Fresno State last Saturday in which the Buldogs looked like the Oregon Ducks. Seriously, 50+ points in a half? Colorado also lost to a FCS school they paid to beat, so that's fun.
  • Our conference does not house Arkansas and/or John L. any longer... that's probably a good thing.
  • Our conference continues to sellout stadiums and print money.
  • It's only the non-conference and there is a lot of football to be played AND our cellar dweller teams are not the ones tanking in this non-conference portion. So LOTS OF BOWL OPPORTUNITIES!!! Seriously, though, if Minny and Northwestern take care of business this week, we could still fill all the bowl slots no matter how good either team really is.
  • There are some legitimately great recruits coming into the conference, and I feel like next year might be our year.

So, if you're feeling blue this weekend as the B1G rolls over some pretty terrible competition, just SMILE! It's the right thing to do.

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