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B1G 2012 // Week Three - Margin Call - The Japanese Market Shift

PSU gets TV again. Make it so!

Late night trading shift is up.

It's been a busy week so I haven't had time to complete the tracking spreadsheet, if one of youse guys want to take care of that and email it to me at, I would be eternally grateful - or at least grateful for the next week. I'd then get it out to people who have asked for it.

Rules here.

If you're just joining you get 6DD.

Bank Values for Week Three:

ILL - 1.5DD
IU - 1DD
IA - 2DD
UM - 1.5DD
MSU - 4.5DD
MN - 2.5DD
NU-L - 4.5DD
NU - 3.5DD
OSU - 4.5DD
PSU - .5DD
UW - 1.5DD

See you all in the morning.

Trading open from 7pm CDT to 10:59am CDT