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Sunday Morning Coming Down: Denard Turns It Over....Again....and Again....


Sadly, this constituted a GOOD possession for Denard Robinson on Saturday.....

Memo to the B1G: Stop making Minnesota and Northwestern look bad.

Seriously. I'm not even kidding. You're making the Gophers and Wildcats look bad. Their October 13th game now has "Game of the Century" status thanks to your utter ineptitude.

I'm in the Outer Banks for a wedding, so I missed all the games, but here's the short summary, and feel free to discuss things further in the comment section:

  • Northwestern and Minnesota stayed perfect (with Minny's d-line looking impressive in shutting down Ryan Nassib and Syracuse, who have done pretty well thru the air this season).
  • Denard Robinson is still turning the ball over against Notre Dame.
  • Michigan State was taken to the wire by Eastern Michigan, Ohio State struggled to put away UAB, and Wisconsin didn't exactly crush UTEP.
  • Iowa.......sweet lord, let's not discuss Iowa.
  • Nebraska rolled over a team it should be embarrassed is even on the schedule.
  • Penn State's Matt McGloin had a career day against Temple in a win.
  • Purdue and Indiana took the week off.....which was probably a good idea. I wish we, as viewers of the B1G, could have made this a bye week.
  • Illinois.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! The only thing that would have made that more enjoyable for me was if Ron Zook were still coaching.....