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Tom Osborne Announces January 1st Retirement Date

The legendary Coach, Congressman, and current Athletic Director of Nebraska announces his retirement effective January 1st, 2013.

Eric Francis - Getty Images

Well everybody, it's official. Tom Osborne will retire on January 1st and Chancellor Harvey Perlman will be heading up the search for the next guy. Over the next day or so, I'll have more updates on thoughts on Osborne's career at Nebraska as well as possible next man in scenarios that I can come up with. Either way, this is a good move for Osborne as he can kind of ride off into a sunset he so obviously deserves and hopefully a chance for Nebraska to find someone they can lean in on for years to come.

I will say this now. As a fan of Nebraska and someone who enjoys sporting events of all types, Nebraska is in a better position than it was five years ago. This is not a knock on Stevie P. and Billy C. as much as it is a testament to the time and effort Osborne put into this school and town. The upgrades in academic facilities, basketball and volleyball facilities, strength and training, and stadium expansion mimic his dedication to finding the right coaches in both Olympic sports as well as football, basketball, and baseball. He also worked tirelessly alongside Perlman in positioning Nebraska in a place to succeed for the future by making a difficult and historic move to the Big Ten.

While Osborne is not a man without his own set of faults, he is someone who has done more for this school and even this state than almost anybody else in history. His dedication to mentoring, his class in the face of adversity, and his general belief that there is some form of right and wrong cannot be underscored enough. For that, we will always be indebted to Tom Osborne and his creation of a culture here in Nebraska that is emulated across all levels of the organization.

So, as we go forward, all a person can say is thanks and then try and fathom the impact that Osborne has had on this program. As a fan, I am sad to see him moving on, but also so very happy for him as he rides out his years on a fishing boat somewhere out there. Thanks Tom, all of Nebraska owes you one.