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Big Ten at Ten 9.6.12: Getting Ready for the Weekend by Spanning the (SB)Nation

Alright Kirk, let's get fired up for beating Iowa State.
Alright Kirk, let's get fired up for beating Iowa State.

Hey Everyone, there are a lot of links down below, but I wanted to take a moment and redirect you to the wealth of content here at OTE as well. If you missed it, shame on you and your punishment is to go read everything out there and then come back to this piece. What's that? You don't feel like losing your place on this page? Fine. Here are links to OTE content this week:

Can you all believe it's Thursday already? I mean, I feel like just last night I watched NFL football and... oh wait. Seriously though, this week has flown by and we're almost already to the weekend. To get you ready for the games, here are a few 'preview' links from around the SBN Network. (Minus Illinois, because... well, nice things and not having them and such...) I figure the team links can be taken care of this way and we'll be back to your regularly scheduled linkdumps tomorrow morning (you know, so you can find the articles from other sites and papers and such).

[Insert Cliched Spanning the SBNation Title here]

Iowa-Iowa State

I'm sure most all of you know about Black Heart Gold Pants by now, but if not, you should stop what you're doing and click here. Okay, now that you understand that this is a pretty great blog, you should also know that Iowa State is a school that is fun to hate. In fact, I stand with Hawkeyes everywhere today and promise to root for Herkey against the Clones... for so many obvious reasons. They also are responsible for this piece.

Michigan-Air Force

Oof... That's the collective sound of the Wolverines after last week's game. Maize n Brew is another pretty well known SBN Site as they do a lot more in depth analysis and less Batshit Crazy analysis as seen above. Here is their Air Force preview piece and here is a nice article trying not to yell at Al Borges' brilliant idea to not use Denard as a runner.

Michigan State@Central Michigan

The Only Colors is also a pretty heavy analysis site, but for Spartan fans it is full of great information. Amazingly, they have a nice interview with a Central Michigan expert up right now. To really get a feel for them, though, I recommend checking out this article on their advanced stats breakdown of the Boise State game. I wish I understood this more.

Minnesota-New Hampshire

The Daily Gopher is the home of the Gophers here on SBN and they have a review of their upcoming opponents including New Hampshire. Of course, New Hampshire is a I-AA school and so there is only so much information. Let's all just hope this week turns out great for Minnesota and leaves the B1G without an unnecessary black eye. Another good piece is this one on why Minnesota can't treat the non-con like the preseason.


Corn Nation is Nebraska's site and they have been churning out content like crazy in the past month. Here is their UCLA week preview with both the preseason review as well as the current review. If you're looking for more of their editorial pieces, here is a good post on why the Heisman hype should probably cool down a little bit in regards to Taylor Martinez.

Northwestern-Vanderbilt @The Quiz Bowl Championship

Okay, no it's not really at the quiz bowl championship, but I bet that would be awesome to watch. Well, maybe not awesome, but uh... Let's move on. Northwestern's home on SBN is Sippin on Purple and they can be pretty hilarious. Here is actually a rehash of a piece they wrote two years ago apparently? It's about Vandy, so it applies I guess. Here is a piece on their current QB situation, which is a lot more relevant and interesting.

Illinois@Arizona State

Um... this is awkward. Well, I'll give a shout out to our friend Robert at A Lion Eye who took our berating earlier this year in stride. His site is in depth and talks about everything Illini. Here is a fun breakdown of what he knows about the Illini so far. As for SBN? Um, how about a link to Arizona State's preview of the game... That works.


The Crimson Quarry is Indiana's home in the SBN World and their team seems to be glutton for punishment. Despite being Indiana fans, they give quite a bit of love to Hoosier football. Here is the UMass team preview. Also, here is an interview with a UMass Team Blog, which is remarkable to me because... there's a UMass team blog?

Ohio State-Central Florida

The latest Ohio State SBN Site is Land Grant Holy Land and while their community is still building, it's a pretty content-heavy site with funny writing and some analysis mixed in. I really enjoyed their dress down of Mike Bianchi and his article trolling the Buckeyes. Also, here is their UCF preview.

Penn State@Virginia

Another site that probably most all of you are familiar with is Black Shoe Diaries. They are one of the most, if not actually the most, active sites in the B1G footprint here on SBN. They can be serious and funny and they have good analysis. Generally speaking, I don't recommend trolling them because they've been through a lot and don't take too kindly to things any longer. They have a wealth of coverage for Virginia week with a video preview, a podcast, and a roundtable discussion.

Purdue@Notre Dame

Hammer and Rails is an in depth and passionate Boiler site here on SBN. Honestly, I had no idea Purdue fans existed (not even in funny joke form) outside of, well, Purdue. However, they definitely do and this site does good work. Check out their preview of Notre Dame week with a preview, a Q&A with a rival blog, and a nice story on being a Purdue fan instead of a Domer fan. Special shout out also goes to One Foot Down for being Notre Dame's SBN blog who put up with Notre Dame hate week. (We're still all rooting for Purdue)

Wisconsin@Oregon State

Bucky's 5th Quarter is Wisconsin's home on SBN and they do a great job of covering the Badgers. Here is their tribute to Biels post Ted-Takedown, and here is some information on where they are going from a recruiting standpoint. Also, here is a simple Gameday preview for the game on Saturday against Oregon State.

General CFB

And there you have it. If you're looking for more College Football coverage, the SBN Overlords have an entire College Football Section you can find here. Every Day Should Be Saturday is also a generalist site here on SBN and one you most likely are all aware of. I did enjoy this weeks Alphabetical and the bonus material!

Other than that, enjoy your Thursday and some Pitt-Cincy action tonight (Oh how I long to watch Pitt die a slow and painful football death with Captain Steve Pedersen manning the ship as it goes down).

Also, I know this song is now in radio overdrive, but it's still awesome and I feel like posting it here because it makes me happy and I was listening to this album as I put together these links. Also, these dudes put on one hell of a live show. Nate has been a freaking genius of a songwriter for a long time, so it's fun to see him get positive press finally. For reals people, this is one of the happiest albums out there and you should listen to it. I'm done gushing now.

Fun.: Some Nights [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (via FueledByRamen)