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B1G 2012 // Margin Call - The Rules


Delanybot 3000 is coming for your soul.

(Ed. I apologize for the delay in making this post - sometimes real life intervenes.)

OK. So the masses spoke. If there is one thing we like to do here at OTE besides make bad jokes and lame predictions it is listen to our constituents.

Here are the "Official Rules" for the margin Call 2012.

1. Market for trading of any team stock is open each Monday at 7am CDT when the Margin Call column is posted and closes at 1pm CDT time. Any transactions after this point will be ignored.

2. During market hours players may buy, sell or trade with both the bank and each other. You must generate the liquidity to do so. All transfers of ownership must be explicit. Players may sell any team to the bank for that week's Margin Call price and receive DD. Shares sold back to the bank are available for purchase at that week's Margin Call price.

3. After initial week holdings are determined a certain amount of bank stock for each team may be created at the discretion of the bank.

4. Delany Dollars (DD) are a fiat currency. As such, the bank reserves the right to revalue or issue additional DD as it sees fit to ensure liquidity in the market.

5. No puts, calls, shorts, longs, or derivatives are allowed at this time.

6. Partial shares are allowed but only in quarter elements (1/4, 1/2, 3/4).

7. The first player to post the purchase request for bank stock shall be considered the purchaser. Please keep track of posts in the comments as we are not set up to track these in real ticker. Yet.

8. If you attempt to purchase a stock that has already been purchased (ie. unavailable), that trade and any subsequent trades/sales/purchases during that week dependent on that trade will be nullified. See rule 7.

9. Send an email to with your and email address and I will give you access to the google spreadsheet used to track portfolios.

10. Players are responsible for tracking their own shares.

11. Winner will be the player with the most valuable portfolio based on revaluation at the end of the season based on the established criteria listed below.

12. Bank reserves the right to make adjustments to the system (but not the criteria) to make the game work.

For this week only, if you would like to adjust your portfolio you may do so up to 10:59 am CDT. It may be helpful to re list your portfolio here if you are able.

(ie. No doubling up on a team this week)

Values for end of season:
.50 DD for every win over a D-1A opponent
An additional .25 DD over a B1G opponent
An additional .50 DD for a win over major rival
1 DD for winning the Leaders or Leaders Division
2 DD for being selected as the divisional representative in the B1G game
5 DD for winning the Big Ten
2 DD for making an at-large BCS game
1 DD for Capital One Bowl
.5 DD for Outback Bowl

.25 DD for all other bowl invites
10 DD for making National Championship Game

-1DD Any loss by greater than 14 points.

Each week, players may exchange any amount/ they like for teams teams with each other for any value in DD or stock the desire subject to the rules stated above. All transfers of ownership must be explicit. Players may sell any team to the "bank" for the Margin Call price and receive DD.

Players who do not start this week can start with 8 DD an amount proportionate to the number of games remaining in the season, but should be warned that prices are likely to rise and put them at a competitive disadvantage.

A recap of the opening week Margin Call prices (valid until 10:59 CDT - September 8, 2012):

Indiana .5 DD
Michigan 1 DD
Minnesota 1.5 DD
Iowa 2.5 DD
Purdue 2.5 DD
Illinois 3 DD
Northwestern 3 DD
Wisconsin 3.5 DD
OSU 4.5 DD
Nebraska 5DD

And a recap of defined major rivalry games:

Locked rivals:

Trophy games:

Let's have some fun. Please, be flexible if we need to work the kinks out of the system.