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Across The Empire: Your New Year's Day Open Thread

The B1G has their grand finale today, with 5 games on the docket.

Jonathan Ferrey

Happy New Year!

Kind of an abbreviated intro--I'm doing this in a rush on New Year's Eve before I go out for the evening, and I pray God that this posts correctly, because I will be in no condition to do the Internet thingy for awhile.

Northwestern takes on Miss. State in the Gator Bowl at 11 CST, ESPN.

Purdue plays Oklahoma State in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, also at 11, on ESPNU.

Georgia-Nebraska, noon, Cap One, ABC.

South Carolina-Michigan, noon, Outback, ESPN.

Wisconsin-Stanford, Rose Bowl, 4 PM, ESPN.

Enjoy the games right here, be polite, and for God sake, keep your voices down for awhile. At least until I can get a bloody mary in me.