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Hey, It's the Weekend: A B1G Preview and the Weekend Open Thread

Purdue plays out of conference randomly, the official pillow fight of the conference commences, a couple of ranked teams on the cusp of doing something big face off, Bo goes to Carver, and Indiana takes out some frustrations. It may not be a sexy weekend, but it sure will be fun.


Good morning everyone. Apparently it's Saturday morning and Manti Te'o still doesn't know his fake girlfriend, so there's that. However, we can finally move past that and get back to the important things -- Actual Sports. So, consider this an open thread of sorts and let's take a look at the five games on the docket today.


1:00/12:00 Central

Nebraska at Penn State

Really, what can we say about this matchup that makes this seem like you want to watch it? They are a combined 0-10 in conference play, they both are probably worst than their records show (17-18 combined). The outcome of this game is ultimately meaningless in the scheme of things. There are injuries to important players on already depleted teams. I could go on, but you get the point. So why do you find ESPNU on your dial? Well, because you are a fan of Nebrasketball or Penn State, that's why.

2:00/1:00 Central

West Virginia at Purdue

Can someone please explain to me how Purdue is hosting a non-conference game on January 19th? This makes sense how? Whatever. West Virginia is not a good team and Purdue is definitely getting better. Let's go ahead and hope the Boilers take care of business and beat those silly Mountaineers.

6:00/5:00 Central

Ohio State at Michigan State

This is by far the best matchup of the weekend. Both Michigan State and Ohio State are jockeying for early season position in what will be a long race to the B1G crown. While Ohio State just employed one of its biggest wins on the early season with the upset of Michigan last Sunday, Michigan State has been chugging along against the middle to bottom of the Big Ten. Don't mess with MSU in East Lansing, though. Expect another great crowd and hopefully another great game.

8:00/7:00 Central

Wisconsin at Iowa

If the Buckeyes-Spartans matchup is the best matchup, this one might certainly be the most interesting. I have watched Wisconsin a few times this season already and they are an impressive team. I hate their general style of play, but they are most definitely a well-coached team and they happen to be on top of the best conference in all of basketball. Conversely, their slow-down style can backfire on occasion and there is no love lost in Iowa City for the Badgers. I expect Carver-Hawkeye to be banging and I also think Fran can coach a little himself. I certainly don't think Iowa will back down, but it will be a challenge to say the least. I do know that there will probably be 11 fanbases rooting for the Hawkeyes tonight, which is probably a first.


1:00/12:00 Central

Indiana at Northwestern

Northwestern did just beat Illinois, but that seems to mean less every day, doesn't it. I do not expect this to be close and while Northwestern has 'home court advantage' let's go ahead and remember how good Indiana is and how big of a mess Northwestern is due to injuries and being, well, Northwestern. By Sunday, many of you will be hungover and worn out, but turn into BTN to finish things out and get ready for Day 2 of what is a 3-day weekend for many of you (me not included)

Since this is an open-thread, remember the rules. No racism/sexism/homophobia, no illegal threads, don't be a jackass, no porn, etc. Have fun and with apologies to Penn State basketball fans, here's hoping Nebrasketball gets its first B1G win of the year.