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Moral Victories Really Don't Get The B1G Anywhere

yay close losses

The wonderfully poetic and well-mannered OTE overflow thread left us with a classic Humble Buckeye comment. And I quote:

yes, I'm drunj

And after a few of those pissed away games, it's probably better if we all were following HB's humble example. The B1G continues to struggle during Bowl Season, with New Year's Day being our favorite time for failure. This was a far cry from the years of six touchdown margins; Northwestern broke a streak and the OTE community got to actually watch some close bowl games. But the result leaves the nation knowing the B1G isn't.quite.there.The disrespect that exists has once again proven to be earned. I watched UGA-Nebraska highlights this morning on Sportscenter. No Nebraska offensive player was shown during the 45 seconds of highlights. What, did those 31 points come from out of thin air?



Admittedly, we kind of saw it coming. Teams with better defenses, like Penn State, would have matched up better with Georgia andnotgivenup500yardspassing. Underdogs typically lose. There was no OSU or PSU. Wisconsin should have never been in the Rose Bowl. But the failure lives on, especially after some of the late-game implosions by Wisky, Mini, UM, and Nebraska. Let me give you an analogy/example. You're on a date with a girl who is out of your league. She's a smart stunner who has obviously got her stuff together, while you quite obviously don't. But then, halfway through the date, you notice she's feeling you. She loved the restaurant you picked. She loves the Pinot Noir you chose. You made her laugh so hard she cried. She even reached out to hold your hand at some point. You're on fire! And then you spill red wine on her white blouse, undertip the waiter, and get in a tipsy argument with some dude at the bar. When you turn around, your date has left. Fail. But she did hold your hand at some point...


So we move onto 2013. Happy New Year or something. Bulletpoints below:

  • Taylor Lewan, damn damn damn
  • Nebby's secondary. Mmm.
  • Michigan: You rush 3, drop 8. Probably shouldn't be anyone wide open. You know, I'm just, putting my thoughts out there.
  • Why must every Wisconsin coach stop running the ball when running the ball is going to get you a win?
  • Pat Fitzgerald celebrates things in such an annoying fashion that you think, hmm, maybe I wish you wouldn't ever win things.
  • Sparty's kicker!