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Big Ten at Ten 1.24.13: Mark Emmert, You are Not So Good At Your Job

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Tyler Kaufman-US PRESSWIRE

We get it Mark. You are Supreme Commander of all that is NCAA Sports and all decisions that are made by the NCAA are yours and yours alone. You know, unless they are part of the highest profile investigation outside of Penn State and you happen to not realize that the NCAA has some serious issues in the whole follow-some-guidelines thing.

As most of you know by now, Mark Emmert is decrying the NCAA's hiring (or at least payrolling) of Nevin Shapiro's lawyer. Also, lots of investigative issues here and now Miami has the best day in a while (add to that beating Duke and you could say best day since Warren Sapp). You know who should be livid over Emmert's posturing about how he cannot believe his department is so loose? USC and Penn State. You know who won't get anywhere still because the NCAA has everyone under lock and key? USC and Penn State.

On that note, I asked on Twitter yesterday who the worst 'Sports Commish' would be if we add Emmert and the NCAA in that group (understanding he has limited powers, but he sucks regardless). Personally, I would rank them as follows (this is revamped from Twitter I believe):

(Best to Worst)

Bud Selig

Roger Goodell

David Stern

The Guy who Oversees MLS

Mark Emmert

Gary Bettman

I'll let you all discuss in the comments... On to the links.

B1G Team Links:

I don't have any really cool science links today, but I'm sure they are out there. Instead, here's a video from the band Kodaline which is a mix between Coldplay, Mumford, and all those UK bands that don't sound alike but really do sound alike. I really think this band could be a hit.