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Big Ten at Ten 1.25.13: Why Must Logos Be So Angry?

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Stacy Revere

Okay, so I admit that 10:00 AM can be a bit fuzzy for me. In theory, I should probably just wake up extremely early and make sure to make a story of it, but life has a way of being more important than links and here we are.

Yesterday, the New Orleans Hornets formerly announced their switch to the New Orleans Pelicans which might not sound fierce, but I have heard that they are actually a pretty brutal animal (See Video Below). Anyhow, I have a friend who is a designer and so I figured I would run the new design across him and he pointed out that most logos are fairly homogeneous and all the animals are ALWAYS ANGRY! As a fan of the new logo, I had to think about it and this prompted a look at to determine what the B1G logos throughout history have looked like. After way too much time, I landed on Michigan being responsible for the strangest iteration of angry sports logo. Go ahead and click here.

Pelican Eating Pigeon Live (via wperko)

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