Poll: Should the B10 add John Hopkins?

By now most of you have heard the latest B10 expansion rumor (LINK). Supposedly the B10 is considering offering Johns Hopkins a spot as an associate member for lacrosse only. Let's consider some facts before jumping to the poll:

JHU's only D-I sport is lacrosse, the others are D-III. JHU is a lacrosse power like OSU and MI are in football, but maybe bigger. JHU is currently an independent in lacrosse and has a TV contract with ESPNU to air all of their home games. JHU is by far the #1 research school in the country and is AAU. JHU would provide the 6th lacrosse team needed to form a B10 conference in lacrosse and thus get an autobid to the NCAA tournament (just like PSU hockey). The B10 has never allowed associate members before. Chicago is the only CIC member not to compete in the B10, but they did in the pre-WWII era.

With all that said:

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