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Big Ten at Ten 1.31.13: Where Illinois Ceases To Amaze

Sometimes life imitates art, or art imitates life... or art mocks life? In the case of The University of Illinois' ridiculous facebook contest, open to any student of UIUC, we can definitely say that something is being mocked and we're not sure if it's self-referential or really just this bad. Either way, I don't know for sure what's the proper phrase in this situation, but I do know a few things for sure.

  1. When deciding on any logo, design, and/or branding ideas, crowdsourcing is both cheap and lazy. If things end poorly, you have no one to blame but yourself. [Says the Nebraskan with the mediocre license plate]
  2. If you are going to do something like this, go ahead and make your facebook group private or at least limit the opportunity for free and easy mocking. Sure, maybe you don't really want to get rid of Chief Illiniwek, but is putting up a anthropomorphic Illinois State the answer?
  3. Furthermore, remember the last major conference university to go through this Illinois? That was Ole Miss and it didn't go over well. You should probably have consulted with them. While we're here, are we to assume that this mascot change is arbitrary and that Illinois will still be the Fighting Illini? Because that's stupid
  4. As always, Illinois can't have nice things... like professional branding and/or mascots that aren't ridiculous.
So, here we are. I intended to have a few of my own entries this morning, but real life makes these links less robust than I would have liked. Instead, here is one from MSULAXER who basically sums it up nicely:

His description is apt for the situation: "A nondescript logo for a nondescript program. Those are waterskis."

Ladies and gentlemen, I open up the comments to do our own set of crowdsourcing with some definite votes coming soon. What would you imagine/create for the Illini Mascot? Would you vote for the Kraken? The Chef? The Werewolves? Is there something better you can think of? We don't often do the whole post PhotoShop/MSPaint thing here, but I think if there is ever a day worth doing that, it's today. I would say there is a prize for the winner, but all I have on my desk to give is like a pen or something. Pens are lame. Just know the deemed winner gets all the recs and the self-satisfaction of open mocking of Illinois. So there's that. On to the links...

B1G Team Links:
Remember: Illinois pictures in the comments. All the recs win.