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Bracketology and the Big Ten

7 teams in, looking good boys


Joe Lunardi is rolling out his Bracketology and a cursory glance says, well, a lot. Bracketology is great because it gives you an outline to the big picture of CFBB. Unlike a Top 25 ranking, which can be top heavy for big-conference teams, you get to see the top MAC teams, Mountain West teams, and you also get a mark for losing or gaining momentum. B1G seeds are below:

(1) Michigan

(2) Indiana

(3) Minnesota

(4) Illinois

(4) OSU

(5) MSU

(11) Wisconsin

The first thing to mention is that, yeah, the Big Ten is loaded, but no, the Big Ten is not invincible. Not even close.

Look how OSU has been exposed by good defensive teams, especially as the game tightens. Look how MSU is dangerous, then soft, than dangerous, then impotent.

Two things:

First, we're going to be privy to some monstrous matchups. Actually not some, a lot of big matchups. When uber-athletic Minnesota versus perennial power MSU is viewed as, oh, a nice game, we know the B1G's depth is unquestioned.

Second, the unanswered questions are legitimately thrilling to think about. Can a Michigan team with so many frosh really sustain their level of play and win 30 ish games? Can Minnesota, no stranger to chokejobs of the strangest variety, play at a 3 Seed level? Will someone, please anyone, become another shooting option for the Bucks?

What say the peanut gallery? Are there any players who have impressed you? Not impressed you? What do you think about Joe Lunardi's seeds? Can any other B1G teams get in the tourney besides the seven listed above?