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The Wreck Of The Patrick Fitzgerald

Go Bucks. Beat Northwestern.

If we could read your mind coach, what a tale those thoughts would tell.
If we could read your mind coach, what a tale those thoughts would tell.
Stephen Lam

With apologies to Gordon Lightfoot.  Profuse and sincere apologies...

The legend lives on from the Wolverines on down
Of the river they call Olentangy
The river, it is said, never gives up her dead
When the skies of October turn gloomy
With a load of four wins then when the season began
The Patrick Fitzgerald felt froggy
But that good team and true was a bone to be chewed
When the team from Ohio came early

The ‘Cats were the pride of the Legends division side
Undefeated and charting for Indy
As the Big Ten teams go, they were better than most
With a crew and good captain well seasoned
Concluding four games with with foes quite contained
When College Gameday came callin'
Then later that night when Corso picked the Bucks
Could it be the that the ‘Cats fan that were ballin'?

The home crowd, so sparse, made a tattle-tale sound
When Braxton Miller broke the plane of the goal line
And every man knew, as the captain did too
'Twas the witch of Urban Meyer come stealin'
OSU scored again and NU fan dropped his head
When Dontre Wilson came slashin'
Then afternoon tears were flowing like rain
In the face of an Ohio State onslaught

When suppertime came, the old fan in the stands
said' "Fellas, it's too rough, I'm leavin'"
At seven PM the 'Cat defense caved in
He said, "Fellas, it's been good to know ya"
Ol' Fitzy wired in he had water comin' in
And the good ship and crew was in peril
And later that night when his lights went out of sight
Came the wreck of the Patrick Fitzgerald

Go Bucks.  Beat Northwestern.  Like you have 39 out of the last 40 times...